A Visit to Medispa S10

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on September 20, 2015

After I did my dermatology degree and had some experience in working at a spa, I realised it was not at all what I thought it would be like. I had been hoping for career opportunities within the field that would give me the chance to help people with their skin problems in a more academic way. Instead I was giving tipsy middle aged women massages and facials whilst playing soothing music and they would fall asleep after 5 minutes only to wake up when I was done to get back into the pool. It was more about the aroma oils, cleaning up salt cubs from the floor, doing the dishes, washing copious amount of towels and making sure everyone had a lovely experience. Not forgetting the most important part of the job – to sell as much as possible to these people, regardless if you thought they needed the product or not. Because you needed to sell the most out of all the other girls working there to not be in the risk of getting fired. So long story short: I decided it wasn’t for me.

Most spas I’ve been to have been the same. It’s not about helping you with skin issues or giving you tips on how to use products at home, but instead I’ve had lots of attempts of nice smelling treatments executed slightly carelessly (remember I had the training myself so I always knew what they were supposed to be doing). I’ve always wondered what the purpose of this was. Not all spas are the same though, as I recently discovered Medispa S10 in Sheffield. There is another way forward for dermatology and it’s all in the name of ‘Medispa’.

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I think if Medispa S10 had been around for me a few years ago it might have made me stay within the industry. They are definitely a place to go to for a lovely and relaxing experience, but the focus is on actual treatments with instant results or with products made to make a difference. Their treatment menu includes laser hair removal, 3D lipo, 3D skin tightening, UV skin analysis, microdermabrasion, skin peels and resurfacing, injectables, derma fillers, waxing, and much more. They have recently become very popular for their lipo treatment which seems to be a very effective, and now a day’s safe way, to get rid of stubborn excess fat. That was not why I and Maria was there a few weeks ago though. We went for a slightly more traditional visit of a microdermabrasion and a custom facial.¬†We were taken care of by the lovely Niki who did our treatments.

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The facilities definitely reflects their ethos of a more medically focused beauty salon. It’s a very modern, bright, and clean place without being medical. The entrance hall holds the brands they use for the treatments. The brand used on us for our facials was Dermaquest which I have actually not come across before. With 99% active ingredients, it’s a high quality brand using only the best ingredients proven to have positive effects on your skin. They were very pleasant on my skin and I honestly felt my skin was glowing and rejuvenated all day after my moist boost treatment.

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There are so many treatments in their treatment menu I am very curious to try out, especially the accent radiofrequency 3D skin tightening. I know I’m not really wrinkly as such, but my skin is definitely not as elastic as it once were! I also love the sound of the skin resurfacers which would be another great way to treat ageing skin. Anyhow, I would love to come back again to Medispa S10, it’s just a shame I don’t live closer to Sheffield.

Kristina xx

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