#BenefitBrows Blogger Event in Leeds

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on June 15, 2016

A few months go I had the pleasure of starting working with Benefit Cosmetics through the online marketing agency I work for. We run a great up-and-coming blogger outreach network called Zeal Buzz, specialising in quality and personal outreach with online influencers. We had the pleasure of planning an exciting blogger event for Benefit to be held in May to engage with the northern blogger sphere to tie in with their launch of their new brow products.

#BenefitBrows blogger event Leeds

As a blogger myself, I love being able to plan blogger events because you can make them exactly as something you would have loved to take part in! So that’s what we did – we planned a fun-filled and magical¬†event full of opportunities to get involved with the new brow products from Benefit as well as having a drink and some food and get involved in a bit of games and competitions! We decided to alongside the official hash tag #BenefitBrows, we’d also use #RaiseYourBrowGame to reflect the nature of the event. The ‘Brow Games’ was our idea of injecting something original and fun to the event that would resonate to the audience of beauty bloggers as well as tying into the brow products and the process of creating the perfect brow. Therefore we created 4 stations to make up the games, each for every step of creating the perfect pair of brows: Mapping, Tinting, Waxing, and Filling & Highlighting.

Benefit Brows - Mapping

To represent the mapping stage, we created a range of celebrity faces with their eyebrows cut out that the bloggers (in teams of 2) had to put the right eyebrows into within a certain time. It turned out to be quite a tricky task to get all the eyebrows matched to a celebrity within the time! To represent the tinting stage, we created a ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ style game, where one blogger had a blindfold on whilst trying to fill in a pair of eyebrows on a big printed face with the help of the other blogger. The success of this game was definitely dependant on the other blogger giving good instructions, as well as knowing their right from their left… To represent the waxing stage, what else could we do than was a mans legs?! Our lovely colleague Ben kindly gave up his hairy legs for smooth stems (well, after the professional beautician sorted out the mess the bloggers ha left on his legs). And for the last station of filling and highlighting we had the bloggers create their best brow cakes to be voted on by all bloggers at the event to win a prize! People definitely went all out with the cakes and we had some amazing brow cake creations.

Benefit Brows blogger event Leeds

#BenefitBrows blogger event Leeds #BenefitBrows blogger event Leeds

As well as the Brow Games, which were hosted in the second gallery at the White Cloth Gallery in which we hosted the event, we had set up a Brow Bar in gallery one where some of Benefit Cosmetics beauticians were giving the bloggers a bit of a brow makeover. We took some great before and after pictures for the bloggers so that they could see the difference the new brow range could make on their brows. In the gallery one we also had the amazingly talented magician Matthew J Magic. As the new brow collection from Benefit Cosmetics are all magically themed, it was a perfect fit for our event. He created Benefit branded cards the had some bushy brows printed on them that he magically turned into brows that were on point! Don’t ask me how he did it, it was magic…

Benefit Brows blogger event Leeds Benefit Brows blogger event Leeds Benefit Brows blogger event Leeds

At a magical event like this, of course we had to have a magical mirror! It’s basically an interactive screen that is also a mirror that takes pictures of you that you get printed out photo booth style. It was so much fun! We used the¬†experimental marketing¬†company called Noonah that supplied the mirror together with a person in place to assist and supply the print outs. It’s such a perfect thing for an event to have as you get a physical print out straight away as well as an electronic copy sent to you for use on social media for example.

Benefit Brows blogger event Leeds

Benefit Brows blogger event Leeds

Thanks so much for all the bloggers who came along and made it an amazing and magical afternoon. The new brow range from Benefit officially launches on the 24th of June so not long to go until you can try them out! The bloggers had the full range sent to them in the last few days, so if you want to have a closer look at the products, just check out all the buzz around #BenefitBrows on social media right now. I certainly can’t wait to get my hands on them to get my brows on point!

Kristina xx

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