Easy sketched heart nail art

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on August 2, 2015

You know when you just really want to make some cool nail art, but don’t have the time or perhaps skill to pull something good off? Then I’ve got the solution for you right here. All you need is a nail varnish of your choice in any colour, and a nail art pen. I went for the really light pink matte nail polish from Topshop and a black nail art pen form Barry M. The great thing about this nail art pen is that it acts as an actual pen. I’t’s got a hard tip that distributes a tiny bit of ink-like nail polish for a thin line. It’s very easy to use.

IMG_5221 - Copy

Start by painting two layers of your chosen nail polish. Then when dry, go on to the nail art design. The design of the sketched heart is in no way set in stone. You can do a bit what you want here and just go wild. Draw a heart, then draw it again in almost the same place and then you get an uneven sketched style heart. Perfect for when you’re in a hurry or if you don’t have a very steady hand for nail art. I definitely don’t especially with my left hand, so my right hand nails always looks a bit…. different to my left hand.

sketched heart nail art sketched heart nail art

I’ve got this inspiration from some pins on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go. It was actually as easy as I thought it were and I will definitely go back to this design in the future when I want an easy nail art design!

sketched heart nail art

Kristina xx

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  • http://www.pintsizedbeauty.com Lily

    Aw these are so cute. I am so bad at nail art, but these are so gorgeous and Pinterest- Esque x


    • http://modeofstyle.com/ Kristina

      This are a perfect type of nail art you should try then! You don’t need any skills, it’s supposed to look a bit sketchy ;) x