Gel Nails vs. False Nails – Who Wins?

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on February 2, 2017

I recently went to get my nails done at a gorgeous little salon in Croydon called Queen B. It’s not far from South Croydon train station so if you’re based in London but want some really good quality manicure or pedicure, it’s very much worth a trip. I got it booked though BookYourLifestyle which is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the London are! I had gel nails done and I was chuffed with the result: they were so perfectly even and the result lasted so well. I had them on for about 2 weeks and they didn’t chip at all! The brand they were using was Gelish which is available in loads of colours. Don’t you think it’s really difficult to decide what colour to go for? I mean, for at least 2 weeks ahead you’ll have to make sure the colour goes with all your outfits! I would have loved to go for something colourful but in the end I opted for perhaps a bit of a boring colour: dark grey. I just thought that it will definitely go with everything…

Queen B LondonQueen B London

I really like the pampering aspect of getting your nails done. For me it feels like a proper treat as I don’t do it that often. The only think I can find a bit awkward with treatments like this, as well as with the hair dresser, is making conversation. I’m not the best at small talk as I think I care a bit too much about what is being said. At the Queen B salon though I was very much at ease as the staff was so lovely. The result was also much better to what I’ve seen in the past which is probably why they lasted so well!

Queen B London Gel Nails

If you’re not the type that appreciates a bit of pampering or just in a rush then gel nails might not be for you. Instead you might opt for false nails you can apply yourself in your own time. After I got my gel nail polish removed (which I did at salon to save on my nails of course) I tried out these lovely french tip nails from KISS.

KISS French nails

Not only were they super easy to apply, the quality and the look of them is amazing. I used to wear a lot of false nails when I was younger as it was such an easy way to get great looking nails quickly. And even though it was quick, the problem was that they didn’t always look great… Too often the plastic nails were too thick to look natural and there weren’t enough nails to fit the size of my nails.

These french nails from KISS is on a whole other level. The base is super thin (apparently 25% thinner than others) which makes them stick to your nail much easier, and they look like your own nail. They’re not flimsy though, as the tip of the nail is really quite thick because of the gradient increase in thickness. This creates a really durable tip that sits firmly on your nail. The tip also comes with a detachable little extra tip to hold onto when you apply them which is really useful! What I was also really impressed with was the thickness of the white colour which is half the size of the thickness at the top of the nail which means you won’t accidentally scrape off some of the white (which I’ve done with other brands before). The idea of these nails is that it loos like a proper acrylic nails, hence the name! And I think they have definitely achieved something as good as that and perhaps even better if you think about the cons of proper acrylic nails.

The KISS nails are available in a lot of different varieties so depending on what you prefer I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits what you’re after.

KISS French nails KISS French nails

So what’s the verdict?… I’m going to be super boring and say that it’s a draw. Honestly though, it’s all about your personal preference. If you’re after something quick and easy that you can manage yourself – definitely try the KISS false nails. If you’re looking for more of an experience and a perhaps a more natural looking result – try gel nails.

Kristina xx

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