Hair Care Review: Natural World Macadamia Oil Range

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on November 6, 2016

My hair journey has been long and difficult over the last 3 years. Since when I decided I was going to go back to my natural hair colour from colouring it black, I knew it was going to take its toll on my hair and I wasn’t going to be happy with it for quite some time. We had our ups and downs: I quite liked having red hair for a while, it gave me an opportunity to experiment with some new colours in my wardrobe. I didn’t like when I had to cut quite a bit of my hair off as it was just too damaged to keep… Right now, I’m really happy with my hair (have a look at this picture when I just had it done). I’ve got quite a bit of my natural hair colur now, with just a little bit of blond in the tips of my hair, almost like a balayage look. My plan now is just to grow it out more and really take care of it properly.

So what I’ve done over the last few weeks is trying out the Natural World Macadamia Oil range. To start with the negatives… As you can see in the images below, the packaging is not the most inspiring I’ve ever seen but of course that’s subjective. I do think though that the packaging could have been of higher quality as it’s a bit flimsy and cheap plastic looking. However, if you take into account what the products retail for (you can get the full size 500ml from Amazon for £2.99) I can forgive them for the lack of detail on the packaging, especially since what’s inside is really good! So on to the positives…

Natural World Macadamia

Like I said, I’ve been using the products consistently for about 3 weeks now and I am really happy with the feel of my hair. I strongly believe in the power of using an entire range as opposed to mixing brands and I think this time that has definitely been proved right. The combination of the shampoo (which lathers lovely), with the conditioner as well as the occasional hair mask, and then the Ultra Nourishing Hair Oil on top of that, creates an all-around great experience for your hair and leaves it light but feeling moisturised. I’m always worried about a hair oil leaving my hair heavy and feeling greasy quicker, but it really hasn’t. The oil has been a real blessing in the change of seasons recently, with the weather getting colder and dryer too. It’s the season for static hair so the oil comes in handy if you need a bit extra after blow drying to tame those flying strands of hair.

Natural World Macadamia

Natural World state that the Ultra Nourishing products are:

“Infused with certified organic Macadamia Oil, for a deep ultra-moisturising & nourishing action. For dry, damaged hair.”

The hair mask has a surprising consistency compared to the conditioner. I absolutely love the conditioner as it feels like your giving your hair a hair mask in every wash! Then when you actually use the Ultra Nourishing Hair Mask, you almost feel a bit disappointed. The hair mask is not at all as thick and creamy in it’s consistency, however it has the most wonderful scent that makes me want to use it every wash. The proof is in the pudding though, as after you’ve rinsed it out you do realise that the mask does the job even though it doesn’t feel as thick and nourishing as the conditioner.

Natural World Macadamia

Natural World Macadamia

I really do like these products and I don’t want them to run out! To be honest, I don’t think they will in a long time though. You need so little for the shampoo to lather and for the conditioner to be effective. All around its a very cost effective range of hair products and I would recommend it to anyone who wasn’t too bothered about the look of the products as much as you are for the feel of them and the results they give.

Kristina xx

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  • Umme Hani

    Is the range , particularly the hair mask sulphate free as in safe for colored hair ? I don’t want my blonde highlights to fade.

    • Kristina

      I had blonde highlights whilst using this and had no fading at all!

      • Umme Hani

        Great. Thanks :)