Miller Harris Hidden On The Rooftops Review

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on June 12, 2018

Looking for a new evening scent? Something deep and lasting that will have you longing to stay out on the warm rooftops to watch the midsummer sun set, or perhaps rise? Look no further.

Miller & Harris Hidden On The Rooftops Perfume Review

I’m a creature of habit and simple things so I rarely splurge out on different perfumes. I always have about two go to perfumes that I interchange depending on my mood and if I want a more heavy evening fragrance or a lighter day scent. It’s not that I’m not curious or have had many different perfumes throughout my life, I just like keeping things minimal if I can.

I recently got the Miller Harris Hidden on the Rooftops perfume to try out and I was particularly excited to give it a go because of it being aimed at both women and men. One of my other current perfumes is a unisex perfume so that really appeals to me – the idea of smelling lovely for everyone regardless of preference of attraction is for me much more interesting.

Miller & Harris Hidden On The Rooftops Perfume Review

The Hidden on the Rooftops is a fragrance made for both day and nighttime, however personally I feel it works for me better as a nighttime scent. It’s got a rich and deep fruity and green base without being sweet, and it really does give you a vision of a sticky summers night on a rooftop in London, where you’ve overstayed your visit but the sun rising over the rooftops again keeps you wide awake.

It’s a scent that reminds me of many years ago when I used to stay out on London rooftops until early hours in the morning, not worrying about the consequences or what the next day would bring. It’s a very playful perfume with depth, and I would recommend it as a gift to a loved one so that you can smell it on them and dream yourself away to a more simple yet decadent time.

Miller & Harris Hidden On The Rooftops Perfume Review

The Hidden on the Rooftops is one of the 3 new perfumes in Miller Harris new ‘Forage by Miller Harris’ collection. The other two scents are ‘Lost’ and ‘Wander’.

According to Miller Harris, these are the notes that the ‘Hidden’ scent is made up of:

Top: Bergamot, Lime, Angelica Seeds, Violet Leaf Absolute, Clary Sage, Red Berries, Black Pepper
Heart: Syringa, Privet Flower, Pollen, Honey, Honeysuckle, Turkish Rose Oil, Tea
Base: Vetiver, Ambergris, Sandalwood, Driftwood, Musk

The 100 ml retails at £140, and you can find it on the Miller Harris website here. You can also find it on Amazon and other retailers such as John Lewis. Again, I think it makes a great gift. Especially convenient if you give it to your other half as you can then wear it yourself as well…

Miller & Harris Hidden On The Rooftops Perfume Review

Kristina xx

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