Neuro Unclipped 3-in-1 From Paul Mitchell Review

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on October 24, 2016

It feels as though my hair has been growing really quickly lately. I don’t know if it’s because if not using any chemicals on it and haven’t done for quite some time as I haven’t been doing anything colour-wise. Or it might be because time is absolutely flying by at the moment!

Regardless, I’m really happy I’m at a length now where I can do so much more fun stuff with it, including trying out this Neuro Unclipped 3-in-1 that I was recently gifted from Paul Mitchell. I regularly curl or wave my hair, but I’ve always done it with my hair straighteners as I thought that was the easiest way when the hair was quite short.

Since receiving the Neuro Unclipped 3-in-1 I’ve tested all three of the styling rod attachments. The one I’m testing on the images below are the smallest of the cones that is ticker at the bottom and narrows toward the top. The other two attachments are bigger for bigger curls/waves and one of them with the same thickness throughout the wand.

Neuro Unclipped Paul Mitchell

Because the Neuro styling rod is clipless there is no mechanism to hold the hair to the barrel so instead you have to use your fingers to keep the hair twisted around the barrel. To not absolutely scorch your fingers doing this, the Neuro Unclipped comes with a little finger glove that covers your thumb and two fingers. It takes a little getting used to if you haven’t used a styling rod like this before, but I find that it does give you a little bit more control of what you’re doing.

The way I use it, is to have the little glove on my left hand as I’m right handed so it feels natural to hold the rod in my right hand, then I use my left hand to grab the strain of hair and twist it around the cone from close to the base and outwards. I then hold it there for about 5 seconds, but this will vary depending on how much hair you use at a time. The Neuro Unclipped is preset to 180 degrees and you can lock it so you don’t accidentally turn it off whilst doing your hair by holding the on button for a second or two after turning it on. You can change the temperature to fit your hair.

Neuro Unclipped Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Paul Mitchell

After I’ve curled all of my hair I usually spray it all with hair spray before I do anything else and let it dry. This way the curls holds better even if you brush them out. Then I either run my fingers through my hair or brush it. With small curls like the ones you get with the smallest of the cones, I wouldn’t brush it, only run my fingers through it to still keep some definition to the curls. For the two bigger ones, I’ve been brushing it through and then you end up with a look like this picture from my Instagram.

I can highly recommend anyone with mid to long hair to invest in the Neuro Unclipped. It’s easy to use once you get used to the glove and because you get three styling rods in one it’s great value for money and will cover any curl or wave needs! You can get it from Paul Mitchell or from here where it retails at £99.95.

Neuro Unclipped Paul Mitchell

Kristina xx

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