Rock Pamper Scissors – Allterton Leeds review

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on November 5, 2015

I’ve had such a long struggle over the last couple of years to try and get back to my natural hair colour. Bleaching my black hair led to a long period of very red hair, which led to orange hair, and then all sorts of warm brown and light orange tones. I’ve always said that I hate having red hair (I’ve tried it in the past) but when going back from black there will inevitably be an in between period of red hair.

When I actually had my red hair, I didn’t mind it as much as I thought I would. I didn’t have much of a choice so I just embraced it. However, after a long time of bad quality hair, cutting it shorter (although I didn’t want to) to try and get rid of the broken tips, I just felt like I couldn’t deal with having a hair style and colour I really didn’t want to have. Finally, I am at the end of my journey, thanks to Allertons in Leeds.

Allertons Leeds

I used an amazing app called Rock Pamper Scissors to book my appointment with Allertons. It’s such a great idea for an app, where you search for salons in your area and find the one you want to go to, book the appointment you need on your phone at what time you need with the hair dresser you want and it sends you a confirmation email. It’s a great app to use if you’re in a situation where you can’t call to book an appointment and you want to browse treatments and choose what stylist to go to in your own time. My favourite part of using the Rock Pamper Scissor service were the reminder text messages. I know people can be a bit sensitive having companies text you as it can be a bit spammy, but these reminder texts were great to remind me of the appointment.

This is how the app works in a bit more details:

Step 1: Go to Book In to immediately get started in the booking process. This feature is like Uber, but hairy. Instant hair booking with live appointments.
The Style Search is like Tinder but for hair. Swipe to flick through different hairstyles, like the look and want to meet the stylist responsible? Click on the image and service to make the booking with the stylist. Alternatively, press the heart to save your favourite looks to your ‘Hair Pins’, or the cross to delete to not see again. Hair pins are similar to Pinterest, store all of your favourite styles in one wonderwall for hair inspo.

Step 2: Select whether you’d like a hair or a beauty service.

Step 3: Choose a service within that group. (Cut + Colour for example)

Step 4: Choose what for (Cut + Finish with Ombré for example)

Step 5: Choose when:
Now = Book an appointment as soon as possible.
Pick When = Book a time and date.

Step 6: Choose a stylist out of those available at your chosen time, with the option to filter it by rating, price and promos.

Step 7: Once booked in, it comes up with a Booking Summary, listing your booked services, the time & date, price and where, with the option to save your appointment into your calendar and show the location in Apple/Google maps, Citymapper, Uber and Hailo, making it super easy to get to your appointment.

RockPamperScissors App

Allertons The Light Leeds

I had a lovely stylist called Aliki who absolutely understood what I were looking for. It sounds simple enough, I want all of my hair to be the colour of my roots, but it seems to have been a struggle for other hair dressers in the past. I also wanted to add a bit of life to the hair by adding some highlighting. She managed to get my brief absolutely spot on! Have a look at this after picture – can you see the edge between the inch of roots and the colour she put in? I can’t!

IMG_20151024_144052 - Copy

The Allertons salon is a lovely place I can really recommend to anyone looking for a really good hair dressers in Leeds. It’s quite a small salon, but it’s got everything you need, lovely staff, intimate and personal fell, exclusive brands and products, and outstanding customer service. Again, I really recommend trying the Rock Pamper Scissors app as well to book an appointment. You can download the Rock Pamper Scissors app from the IOS App Store here.

Loving my new hair so much! Finally back to my roots, literally. What do you think?

Kristina xx

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