The Biggest Christmas Beauty Giveaway

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on December 2, 2015

Christmas is really just around the corner and I’m in a very giving mood, so I decided I would host my biggest beauty giveaway to date! It’s a perfect opportunity to win some amazing beauty pieces just in time for Christmas, either to keep for yourself or give away as Christmas presents. I’ve put together a wide rage of skin care products and makeup products to fit any beauty junky! You don’t want to miss out on this one…

Christmas Beaut Giveaway Mode of Style

The prize includes:

  • La Roche-Prosey Hydreane BB cream
  • Full Cream Moisturizer from MooGoo
  • ESPA Refining Skin Polish
  • Elemis Pro Intense Lift Effect Anti-Ageing
  • Batiste Sweet and Seductive Dry Shampoo Ella Henderson Edition
  • Cocoa Body Butter from Derma v10
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
  • Gosh Extreme Gel Eyeliner
  • Red Dingue Lip Gloss
  • Angelica Nail Colour nail varnish

The giveaway is open from the 2nd of December to midnight the 13th of December for UK only. Winner has 24 hours to claim their price and send over address to be delivered to. Prize will be sent second class on the 15th of December. Good luck!

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Christmas Beaut Giveaway Mode of Style

Kristina xx

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  • Karen Nagle

    I would totally keep it for myself. No regrets! :)

  • Samantha Loughlin

    I would give away to my lovely daughter for her 18th xxx

  • Ruth Harwood

    this would probably all be for me, though I have a niece who would love some new make up so some might be passed on xx

  • sallycollingwood

    Definately keep it for me, it’s too lovely to give away.

  • jennhaden3

    I’d keep it for myself as a treat. Thank you so much for the giveaway x

  • Jon Sellers

    This would definitely be for my wife

  • Samantha Atherton

    I’d have to keep it.

  • Pete Cleasby

    would be given to my niece who I know would really appreciate it

  • Ruth Robinson

    definitely keep for myself

  • laura banks

    i would so keep it

  • Angela Louise

    Thats a hard one lol i would either keep it or give it to my niece not sure which one at the moment though! X

  • Sarah S

    I’d keep it for myself :)

  • tracy newton

    I would keep it for myself. It is a nice treat

  • Katy Leat

    I think I’d keep it myself :)

  • Michelle O’neill

    keep it all to myself!

  • Claire Woods

    I would gift it to my Mum.

  • Emma Ellams

    I’d keep it for myself! Amazing goodies!

  • Ange White

    defo keep

  • Laura Todd

    would love to keep this :)

  • Tania Atfield

    Keep some for me and some for my daughter

  • Immy Lacy

    I would keep it for myself

  • Hannah Ingham

    I’d split it with my mum! :)

  • Tama Brail

    I’m running low of everything so I would keep the majority for myself.

  • Rosie Thomas

    I’d share with a friend

  • charlotte

    i’d keep it for myself for a little treat

  • Carolynn Woodland

    I would keep most of it but maybe give away some items.

  • Kathy D

    Are you joking – yes all for meeeeeeee

  • laura stewart

    hehe all mine :) xx

  • Emily Myers

    I would share this with my mum as she’s been through a really difficult time just recently!

  • georgina davies

    i would keep them i never get treats like this lol x

  • Lucia Daisy

    I would keep some and give some to my mum

  • Amanda

    For once, I would keep it for myself as a treat!!

  • Lyla

    I’m pretty sure I would keep it all for myself x

  • Kady Newell

    I’d keep one or two items and the rest would be used to make up make up bundles for my friends christmas presents :D

  • Heather Brannan

    I’d give it to my best mate!

  • Kaci Soderstrom

    Keep for myself! I always need more beauty products in my life.


    I’d share it with my daughter

  • JaySprout

    I’d keep for myself, need all the help I can get!

  • Corinne Peat

    I would share it with family members

  • Kate Kathurima

    share with my family

  • jayne hall

    keep it for myself

  • Maggie Ali

    I’d probably share some bits with my sister :)

  • Garry

    Give it to my wife

  • suey1969

    I would share it with my friend

  • Andrea

    I would share it with my daughter.

  • Myriam Clark

    I would share it with my daughter

  • Phyllis Ellett

    I would give it to my daughter.

  • Julie Ward

    I would share it with grandaughter

  • Keith Hunt

    split it between my sister and wife.

  • Kali Filsell

    I would share with my best friend x

  • Christina Kennedy

    I would keep the
    La Roche-Prosey Hydreane BB cream because I am always running out and the
    Urban Decay Perversion Mascara as I am never without the mascara the rest I would share with my god daughter

  • Jackie Kelly

    I would keep the kit for myself. I haven’t splashed out on any new products for ages as money is tight and it would be wonderful to just be able to indulge myself for once :)

  • Sheri Darby

    I’d keep it for myself – It sounds amazing

  • Donna Caldwell

    I’d keep this wonderful goodies for myself

  • Sarah H

    I would give them to my daughter who is studying hard at uni!

  • Neil Firth

    I’d give them to my wife and daughter – they’ll fight it out for who has what :-)

  • Caroline Blaza

    I would keep most of it for myself, but might give my daughter a couple of things!! x Merry Christmas x

  • Laura Nice

    I have to say, i would probably keep all of it! :)

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    I would keep it to myself

  • cjh123

    I have 3 daughters so nothing stays in my room long, but for the moment I will keep it for myself

  • elaine stokes

    i would keep a few bits…………. ok all of it for me.

  • lindsay chadburn

    I would share it with my daughter she’s just starting to get into make up and beauty so she would b delighted

  • susanseaman

    id give this to my lovely partner to cheer her up x

  • Laura Sam

    Fab treat so would treat myself ;) thanks xx

  • Aaron Broad

    I would give this to my gf

  • Rosemary Sheehan

    I would share it with my daughters and niece

  • Zoe Somerfield

    I would give it to my sister

  • Margery Lumsdaine

    I would give it to my daughters :)

  • Lynn Neal

    I would share with my daughter jade because she loves make-up

  • Lizzy Cooper

    I’d give it to my sister

  • David Crabb

    I’d love to win this as a gift for my wife!

  • Kirsty_Mackay

    I’d share this with my daughter and sisters.

  • Lorraine Mabbitt

    Keep for myslef

  • Victoria Prince

    Feel guilty saying it, but I would keep it for myself!

  • tracy sinclair

    I would love to keep this myself, I may just share it with my Daughter though, its fab x

  • Julie

    I’d keep some and give away the things my mum and sister would love to them

  • Tiff Jordan

    Share it with my 12 yo daughter!

  • Lauren O

    Probably keep it cause it looks awesome!

  • ray

    To my wife if I win

  • Kerry Lethbridge

    I’m gonna be selfish and say I’d keep it

  • BreanneT

    I would keep it.

  • Robert Price

    Give away

  • Mark Beynon

    Would give it to my wife.

  • Littleham1

    I would divide it between my three teenage daughters.

  • Kim Styles

    I would share it with my daughter

  • Eileen Tingle

    I would divide it up for Christmas presents

  • Rebecca Howells

    I could do with it for myself, but would probably give it to my mum as she deserves it more than me! (@PeanutHog)

  • Olivia Kirby

    I would keep it all myself as I really love all of those brands

  • Natalie Crossan

    I’d keep these for myself :)

  • Jessica Cook

    i’d treat myself

  • Karen Howden

    I would give it as a present

  • Ioana Cristina Popescu

    I would keep it for myself as these are my favourite products!

  • kathycakebread

    prob keep it for myself

  • yasmine

    Keep it myself x