Top 5 Beauty Trends You Need To Try in 2017

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Beauty on March 16, 2017

My days as a dermatologist are far behind me, but my passion for beauty and skincare prevails. I might not be the trendiest of self-proclaimed beauty addicts, instead I’m brand loyal and a creature of habit (haven’t changed my makeup remover for 9 years…) I do love looking at the latest trends though, just to see if there is anything new I would be comfortable incorporating into my routine or try out for a special occasion. In this post I’ve gathered my top 5 beauty trends I think everyone should try out this year, regardless if you’re a trendsetter or someone stuck in their beauty routine – because it’s always fun trying something new!

1. Don’t be afraid of glitter! Why not try covering your lower eyelids in glitter as seen at Shiatzy Shen catwalk (below). Or if you’re more of a lip person, why not recreate Fendi’s glittery lips, perfect with a cat eye and you’re ready to party. If you’re really into the glitter trend, I recommend buying some glitter glue (H&M sells one) and then stock up on lots of different glitter colours and you can just freestyle and create your own look. You can never have too much glitter, right?

Under eyelid glitter trend

2. Like to try a new hair style without too much fuss? Try the high pony tail! This style is perfect if you’ve got long hair. Positioned on top of your head, make sure it’s done neatly and wrap some hair around the bobble to make it a more sophisticated look. If your hair is too short for a high pony, try the super straight hair look. Thanks to Versace and Gigi Hadid, your hair straightener is going to be your new best friend in 2017.

Gigi Hadid straight hair trend

3. Dark lips. Why not try a Gothic lip like DKNY showcased on the catwalk recently? Or the classic statement red that is timeless – it’s just about finding your perfect tone of red. If you want to try something really different, why not try the grey lip as the models on the catwalk for Acne was rocking earlier this year? I normally stick to a nude lip but recently tried a dark brown ( I know, sounds a bit weird) lipstick and I loved it! It’s all about pushing yourself slightly out of your comfort zone.

Dark lips, Acne catwalk

4. The fake tan. Yes, summer is not far off and we don’t want to greet it in our white winter skin, or an orange one for that matter… Instead I’d recommend checking out Ellisons professional tanning kits and do it properly for that slightly natural looking tanned glow. Just be picky with what products you choose – no one likes a Wotsit on the beach! Also make sure to exfoliate loads before application for an even result and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Oh, and when you got a bit of that summer colour, make sure to use a good highlighter to make your skin really glows.

Fake tan trend

5. Go pink. It’s the biggest colour of 2017 if we’re talking fashion or home decor, but it’s made it’s way into beauty as well. I’m not talking pink hair as that’s been around for a while, but instead I’m talking blusher. Contouring, highlighting, and bronzing in all honour, but behold – the rebirth of the blusher! The look below is from FENTY x PUMA by Rhianna that features plenty of candy pink blusher and it’s winning look. Even when I fake tan, I always keep my pink blush handy as it’s perfect for a natural look as well as statement looks – my favourite being flawless highlighted skin, nude lips, strong eyeliner and light pink shimmery eye shadow, and pink blushed cheeks of course.

The pink blusher trend

I hope I could be of some inspiration for you to try some of the beauty trends for 2017! Let me know what you think and if you tried any of these yourself in the comments below or on Twitter.

Kristina xx

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