3 Things To Do To Become More Confident In Your Style

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Fashion on April 23, 2017

Finding your personal style and being comfortable and confident with it can be much harder than it sounds. Fashion comes and goes, but by finding your style you’ll be able to confidently pick key pieces from trends and incorporate them into your style without becoming dated, or feeling like you’re wearing something you’re not comfortable in. This is a skill that takes time, but I wanted to share my top 3 tips with you that I’ve used myself to become more confident in my style, and I hope they will help you as well!

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Find people with the style you want and follow them, stalk them, and write to them

It can seem like an obvious thing, but how many fashion influencers do you follow on Instagram just because they have thousands of followers and everyone else follow them? Try and find some influencers that you really admire the style of and that you feel inspired by. If they have a smaller following then you would easily be able to get in touch with them to ask for tips or help, most people love to help. Also follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, and any other channels they are active on to make sure you can get inspiration from them wherever you’re active. Talking of Pinterest, if you don’t have a board called something like “My Personal Style” – create one now and pin all the images of outfits that you like. You can then refer to this board when you are struggling to think of what to wear or how to put an outfit together.

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Analyse the days you feel great in what you wear and wear more of that

We all have those days when you feel great in what you’re wearing. Have you thought about what kind of effect it has on you? It doesn’t just make you feel great for looking good, you walk a little bit taller, and others will be able to notice a difference in the way you come across: more confident. When you’ve had one of these days, make note of what you were wearing, be that a full body selfie saved in a “Great Outfits” album on your phone or writing it down in your diary, it’s up to you. This resource can come in really handy if you have an important meeting or date and want to look AND feel great. Forget the days of not knowing what to wear and end up with an outfit you don’t feel 100% in, and utilise your personal library of confident outfits to start your day right!

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Have patience, don’t buy loads of things, invest in key pieces

We’ve all heard it and tried it, but’s it’s really hard when fashion is so accessible! The important thing here is to try and get into the mindset of longevity. When wanting to buy something, ask yourself these questions:

– How often will I have use of this in the next couple of months?

– Will I still be using this in 2 years time?

– Is it of good enough quality that it will last me for years to come?

Some items don’t apply to this of course, such as socks for example, but it’s still good to think about this before you purchase anything. It won’t perhaps make you spend less money as key pieces that will last might cost a bit more than high street fashion. What it will do though is to make sure that you invest in STYLE as opposed to fashion. Fashion comes and goes, but style will always prevail. For example, if you buy a denim jacket in a classic cut and colour of good quality, it would look great now and it will also look great in 10 years (or even better because of the wear of the fabric). Some key pieces I recommend getting of good quality include: leather handbag, trainers, everyday watch, jeans, black blazer, white shirt, trench coat, and leather jacket. This all depends of your style of course, but these basic items will be able to get used together with more disposable/trendy items to fit fashions at the time.

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I hope these tips can help you feel more confident in your style and find ways to make every day a great outfit day! Let me know if you have any other tips how to be more confident in your style on Twitter or in the comments below.

Kristina xx

Images by Matt McCormick 

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