About Being Modest About Fashion

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Fashion on October 8, 2016

I do love fashion. It helps me to express myself and show my taste and values to surrounding people. The way you dress tells people a lot about who you are or perhaps who you would like to be. The world of fashion is captivating, fast-changing and diverse. Every season it offers new trends and ‘rules’ of wearing clothes. I am not a crazy fashionista though, chasing the latest trends as soon as they come along. I’m not likely to sacrifice comfort, dignity and utility at the altar of fashion whims. For this reason I often resort to a modest style, or shall we call it the modest Scandinavian style…

Modest clothing

When talking about modest fashion, it can easily and wrongly linked to Islamic religion only; a modest dress could be associated with a black Arabian dress, abaya. However that’s not what I’m on about – elegance and sophistication are generally what I would think about with people who dress in modest clothes. Dressing up in a modest manner is mainstream, for example Kate Middleton and Olivia Palermo are great advocates of a modest style. Their outfits demonstrate that clothes that are not very revealing can be just as enhancing for your female features, if not more so than that opposite…

Choosing modest clothing for women may be a challenge. The reason why is quite simple: it’s been trendy for quite some time to flaunt more than you need. I still remember being a teenager and being influenced by the media, thinking that the more cleavage I show, the better, more stylish and more desirable I will be. I also remember a few years later when I realised this was really not the case and the relief that brought. Today I couldn’t give a slightest about how much skin I show, it’s all about the fashion, and even more importantly: style.

Modest clothing

There’s so much more choice in fashion nowadays. The skinny jeans has been taken over by airy culottes in popularity and no one turns a head if you’re wearing sneakers with a suit. I think there’s still as much pressure on young girls today to be fashionable and fit in, but I do think because of the diversity in fashion there’s more of a choice of what to wear and modest clothing is more accessible. I would like to think that teenagers of today realise that being stylish is more important than cleavage or showing off your bare legs in sub-zero temperatures.

Street fashion is a great source of inspiration for me. Sneakers plus midi skirt is one of my favourite looks I discovered thanks to street fashion on Pinterest (who hasn’t!) It is very comfortable and at the same time it’s really feminine. One of my best go to outfits are casual cigarette trousers or wide leg trousers, t-shirt and a blazer. It’s the most comfortable type of outfit at the same time as being stylish and smart-casual enough for the office.

Modest clothing

Did you feel the pressure when you were younger to show off your body? Has that changed as you got older? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so let me know over on Twitter!

Kristina xx

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