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By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Fashion on September 9, 2017

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure to attend an event for David Clulow Opticians in central London. I must admit, I’ve never heard of David Clulow before but I was eager to learn more. Especially after visiting their website and discovered the great eye wear brands they sell, including Ray-Ban, Prada, and Oliver Peoples.


The event was held at South Place Hotel’s Secret Garden room which is a gorgeous space on the first floor of the hotel, in an inner court yard that feels as though you’re still indoors – actually I didn’t’ realise we were technically outside until someone pointed it out for me half way through the night! The space was perfect for an event like this, with a bar offering us glasses of champagne and delicious canapés.

As I arrived I got talking to one of the staff from David Clulow, a visual merchandiser. She told me a bit more about the company of which I learned it is a family business with great values and style. Then we got onto trying out some frames. I was there in my own favourite frames which are square black plastic glasses. They give great contrast to my currently blonde hair which I quite like, but I wanted to try some different styles to what I was used to.

There were some glasses on display from their new winter collection coming out in December of which there were a pair of Prada ones that particularly caught my eye (no pun intended)… I also got to do a quick eye test which gave an indication of what type of prescription you might need. Although I know I definitely need glasses as I’m slightly narrow-sighted, it was a good reminder to go and do a new eye test as it was more than a year ago since my last one. My mum’s got glaucoma which makes it even more important for me to go and check my eyes regularly to make sure they stay healthy.

ClulowStyle-4367 ClulowStyle-4401 ClulowStyle-4438

These frames from Ray-Bans were my favourites pair of spectacles I tried on at the event. They are quite round, which is a shape I normally don’t go for as I’m worried it would make my face look rounder. I heard from the experts at the event though that they didn’t think that was the case at all, and they convinced me that the Ray-Ban’s suited me very well and even perhaps complimented my oval face shape.

ClulowStyle-4452 ClulowStyle-4478 ClulowStyle-4540

We got some more insight into the company from one of the staff from David Clulow who told us more about the values of the company, including their great service and attention to detail. Things like understanding the customers lifestyle before recommending them a pair of glasses so that it will work for them, and offering a 30 day return policy if you change your mind, are examples of the care they put into their work (you can read more about that here). I came away from the event feeling impressed with the quality of service they offer as an optician and I’m looking forward to going into a branch soon (they’ve got stores all over London) for an eye test and getting my pair pair of Ray-Bans. Review of the glasses will follow…

Shout out to the awesome photographer Kaye Ford at @Fordtography for these images!

Kristina xx

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