Get Dressed For Success – AW16 Work Wear

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Fashion on September 6, 2016

Don’t you just love the song ‘Get Dressed for Success’ by Roxette? It’s one of my all time favourite songs. If I ever had to pick a theme tune for a show about my life, it would be that song playing in the opening creds. I do believe that how you dress massively effects your mood and your state of mind. If you are comfortable in your clothes, then you will be comfortable and confident in yourself. Sounds a bit obvious, and it’s very true, especially if you look at it the other way around. Have you ever worn something that was too tight or didn’t feel right? It puts you off and makes you feel less good about yourself. When this becomes very important is in business where the impression you make can be the difference between a contract/new business deal or not.

I’ve always believed in comfort and try and compromise as little as possible on that when it comes to how I dress. Sometimes I compromise on comfort when I know a specific item of clothing with benefit the impression I make in a different way, such as a tight suit jacket and skirt if I need to be in a very corporate environment. Overall though, style always prevail. And style can be comfortable. And when you are comfortable in your own style, you will radiate confidence.

Stripey work shirt

So looking at some of the latest office wear trends, I’m quite happy to see that style and comfort are two major factors in the AW16 fashion. Tailored is still big, but the lines have changed slightly and are looking more slouchy (great for comfort). In the image above, I’m wearing one of my favourites shirts at the moment, it’s a tailored Hawes & Curtis shirt with lovely details such as this red trim on the inside of the collar. Things like this are perfect for office wear: make sure you pick items with a bit of a twist. A white shirt is stylish yes, but a white shirt with oversized cuffs instantly becomes more interesting…

Big cuffs shirt

Some other lovely new trends that made their way into work wear fashion are velvet and formal knits. I love a good short sleeved knit with a pair of suit trousers, it’s such a perfect smart-casual look. And for velvet – go all out! I’d love to own a velvet suit. but f you’re not keen on going all out, try a velvet tank top underneath a suit to make it more interesting.

short sleeved knit work wear

Another work wear trend that will still be strong this season is the wide trousers. I’ve got an amazing pair of wide black trousers form H&M that has a side split on both legs at the bottom with zippers. They are a bit sporty, but because the fabric is crepe it works perfectly to balance the sporty formal look, so I usually wear them with my Adidas Superstars and a shirt.  Similar to what Victoria Beckham is rocking in this image from May this year (although she’s wearing heels).


What are your favourite work wear trends this year? And do you have a look you always go back to?

I’d also love to hear what you think about how your clothes affect your mood, so let me know over on Twitter!

Kristina xx

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