How to Nail a Denim and Diamonds Themed Event

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Fashion on October 12, 2016

Have you heard about the Denim and Diamonds event theme? Neither had I until recently! Apparently i is a popular theme for galas, parties, sweet-sixteens and charity events. The idea is simple. Instead of dressing up in evening gowns or prom dresses, you wear casual attire but dress it up with diamond accessories and jewellery. I love this idea of a theme as it gives you plenty of scope for showing off your personal style. If you ever get invited to one and are stuck for ideas, below are a few tips to get you started.

Denim and Diamonds

Formal wear can be a bit boring. Anyone can pull on a tuxedo or black floor length gown, but it is hardly a groundbreaking look. Sure, you might look very sophisticated and if this is a red carpet event, suitably dressed, but your outfit is not exactly going to set the room on fire (if you’re not rocking the Katniss look).

A denim and diamonds theme is fun and creative. Although this theme is referred to as Denim and Diamonds, you don’t have to take it literally and wear denim. Any casual garment will do apparently, as long as you rock it up a bit with glamorous accessories and gorgeous jewellery. A well-thought out accessory scheme will give your casual outfit creative flare and the end result will be appropriate for any formal Denim and Diamonds gala, fashion show, or special event.

Sparkling Diamonds

Diamond jewellery is perfect for accessorising a casual outfit, check out diamond accessories and jewellery from for example. A pair of skinny denim jeans worn with a silk blouse and diamond jewellery is just as glamorous as any formal attire you might consider wearing to a red carpet event.

Diamonds are amazing, but if you cannot afford to splash out on a diamond choker or earrings, you can also create extra sparkle with other gemstones instead. Rhinestone embellished fabrics for example would work and are great for dressing up casual garments. You could go for a Nashville look and wear a cocktail dress with a denim jacket, and then team it with a pair of leather cowboy boots!

Denim Rocks

Denim jeans are always in fashion, regardless of what trend of jeans shape you go for. However, if you prefer not to wear jeans, denim skirts are really hot right now. An a-line denim skirt with a polo neck worn with a chunky sparkly necklace would definitely get you noticed. Another favourite style of denim of mine at the moment are the kick flares. Style them with a boxy shirt and some really blingy earrings and you’ve got a great look going.

Fun Fashion Ideas

  • Sequined blazer over a tee-shirt and skinny jeans
  • Tuxedo with skinny jeans and heels
  • Evening gown with a denim jacket

As long as you include a casual piece in your outfit, or vice versa, you can’t go too far wrong. If you prefer to wear casual garments, remember to bling it up with sparkly accessories. A sequined clutch bag and sparkly gemstone jewellery will work well, but stiletto heels with sequins will also work well.

I would love to get invited to a Denim and Diamonds themed party! The ease of being able to be casual and only worry about the accessories really speaks to me. I am definitely considering  it for next time I’m planning an event!

Kristina xx

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