What To Do When You Can’t Find The Perfect Dress

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Fashion on December 18, 2016

We all have that issue. When party season is closing in on us and we got a bit of an idea of what we want to wear and then all of a sudden it’s only a few days away until the first Christmas party and there’s nothing in the wardrobe that will do the job! Just stay calm an follow my guide and I promise you’ll be the star of the party…

Black jumpsuit from House of Fraser

Tip number 1: Obvious one, (with the pictures in this post in mind) but do you really need to wear a dress? Perhaps have a look at jumpsuits too? I know a lot of people say that jumpsuits are not for them, it doesn’t fit their body type, they can’t find the right one, it’s not dressed up enough, and so on. Forget all of that and go out there and have a proper look. There’s so many jumpsuits out there at the moment, it’s really trendy, which means you’ll be able to find all sorts of jumpsuits that fits all shapes and sizes in many different styles. I always thought I was too tall for a jumpsuit as I used to get a lot of the camel toe effect but going one size bigger for more length in a jumpsuit you can tie in the waist worked out for me. So you can do it too! The one I’m wearing in these pictures is the Therapy Sibbi Cut Out Detail Jumpsuit from House of Fraser and I absolutely love it as it’s easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Black jumpsuit from House of Fraser

Tip number 2: Just order all of them. You know all those saved items, all the stuff on your wishlist? Just buy them all, try them on at home and send the ones back you didn’t like! Many online stores have free returns, so why not? It gives you an opportunity to discover things you might never knew actually suits you. For example, I bought a dress for a wedding this summer and my mum and friends said that “it looks very unusual for you”, and it was. It was pink, had stripes, and high neck at the front: all normally things I definitely do not look for in a dress. However, I knew it would work for my body shape and it did and now it’s one of my favourite dresses I’ve ever owned.

Black jumpsuit

Black jumpsuit from House of Fraser

Tip number 3: This tip is really a continuation of number 1, but do you really need to wear a dress or even a jumpsuit? Dare to break the rules! Perhaps a velvet suit for the Christmas party would fit perfectly. Add some sparkly jewellery and you’ll probably be the best dressed person at the party!

Black jumpsuit from House of Fraser

Tip number 4: Is is a work Christmas do? Perhaps you have a dress you’ve only worn to a family wedding that none of your colleagues have seen? It’s always good to have a proper look through your wardrobe and re-use things. Even if you worn a dress before you can wear it again and just style it differently if you feel uninspired by it. Another par of shoes, different hair do, and jewellery will make a massive difference, especially on a simple dress. This is the whole point of a LBD (or should I say LBJ – little black jumpsuit), so make use of it!

Black jumpsuit from House of Fraser

I hope that’s helpful! Remember not to panic- I know it can be stressful but just remember that a good hair day and a confident attitude takes you further than any dress ever will.

Kristina xx

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