Why Spring Is The Best Time Of The Year

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Fashion on March 29, 2017

It’s a short and easy answer really – because it’s my birthday! No, but really it’s a great time of the year to have a birthday however that’s not why I love spring so much. Spring time is the time of the year that offers the most mount of change, and all the change is positive. One could argue autumn is the time of change as well, but I’ve always had a negative connotation to autumn because things die. I know nature is only preparing for the next cycle, but it’s also cold and getting darker so therefore it’s a time of the year when it’s hard to stay positive…

Spring is the time of the year associated with hope. I always feel more hopeful at spring time. There’s so much to look forward to: lighter days, warmer weather, outdoor activities, wearing sandals… It’s the rebirth of nature, when the flowers bloom in hope to get pollinated and people don’t wear enough clothes for the still relatively cold temperatures.

Spring time fashion

Spring time fashion

The real reason spring is the best time of the year is because of the opportunity it creates for fashion: one day it’s coat weather, and the other it’s sunglasses and flip flop weather! It’s the most versatile season of the year, and as London fashion week has just more or less been, it’s a time where inspiration can become reality. It’s a perfect time to try out different trends and how to wear your items in different way to make your style more diverse.

Spring time fashion

Spring time fashion

Two of my favourite trends at the moment that I’ve happily been incorporating into my look lately are ruffles and lace. For the look I put together for this photo shoot with Matt McCormick I managed to both these elements in my outfit. Both of them on their own are great ways to add a bit of interest to an otherwise plain outfit. Personally I love the contrast a bit of lace can give together with a chunky knit, or how some ruffles on a white shirt can totally change an outfit from office boring to office chic.

Spring time fashion Spring time fashion

I’m actually wearing head to toe H&M in these pictures, bar the shoes. You can find the ruffle trousers here, the jumper here, the lace top here, the bag is sold out but there’s a similar one here. My boots are vintage boots, bought by my very own mum back in the 90’s from Ecco. I absolutely love them and have been waiting quite a while for them to come back into fashion, and finally they have!

Spring time fashion

I loved my spring themed photo shoot with Matt in London! These pictures were taken just around the corner from my office at Chancery Lane just as the lovely magnolia trees were blooming. I can very much recommend other bloggers to use the amazing photography services of Matt McCormick – he’s a great photographer and makes you feel right at ease. He’s mainly based in Leeds so all you Leeds bloggers who haven’t used him yet – what are you waiting for?!

Kristina xx

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