Baking Bread with HotPoint & Curry’s PC World

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Food & Drink on November 3, 2016

Last Sunday I attended a blogger event I’ve been really excited about for the last few weeks! I’ve been wanting to get into making my own bread for ages so when I was invited to HotPoint & Curry’s PC World’s event at Jamie Oliver’s Cookery School in London I thought it would be the perfect inspiration to finally learn how to bake bread.

#AutumnalBakes event #AutumnalBakes event

The event was exactly what I kneaded (sorry!) to get inspired to get into baking bread. I am a keen baker, and people who know me and work with me know that I love baking, however only sweet treats. I love making cakes, cooking, muffins, and cupcakes, but bread I’ve really never got into. So here I am mixing dough but there is no sugar or eggs! I felt slightly out of my comfort zone aldough (hehe) the lovely staff at Jamie’s Cookery School made everything very easy for us. Everything was pre-measured for us, so it was basically just to mix everything together and knead! Simples really.

As the event was themed around Autumn (i.e. #AutumnalBakes) we used pumpkin seeds as decoration on our bread. For the white bread rolls we made to have as a snack later on in the afternoon, we were asked to be creative with out shapes, so I made a $ (dollar sign) as we were making dough(!) and a leaf as I thought that would be very autumnal. When we finally got to sit down and taste our bread, we were also given Prosecco, a lovely pumpkin soup, and a fondue served in a pumpkin! It felt like a proper autumnal Sunday afternoon tea. By the way, have you heard about all the wasted pumpkins? Each year we waste 15 million pumpkins that we could have eaten instead. That’s insane! Have a look at this awesome article of how you can make the most out of your pumpkins this autumn, including the delicious pumpkin fondue and soup I got to experience at the event.

#AutumnalBakes event #AutumnalBakes event #AutumnalBakes event#AutumnalBakes event

We didn’t just make white bread rolls though, oh no, it gets much harder than that! We also made a lovely rosemary focaccia and a rye bread rolled walnut and caramelised onion loaf shaped like a doughnut! It sounds much more difficult than it actually was… If you knead (sorry, I can’t help myself!) some inspiration yourself to get into making bread, have a look at this bread-baking-knead-to-know instructions.

I also have the mention the promotional message behind this event, which is the amazingness of the HotPoint ovens that are perfect for baking bread! A representative from HotPint were there on the day and talked a bit about their ovens and one thing I found really interesting were that they’ve identified through customer research that the one thing people find most frustrating with their ovens are the non-even bake, basically your pizza is burned on one side and then soggy in the middle. This happens to me all the time and I thought it was because I’m shit at making pizza, but apparently it’s because most ovens have a temperature difference that can be up to 15 degrees difference throughout the oven, but the HotPoint ovens apparently has more or less no difference, which creates a perfectly even bake every time! Mmmm perfectly baked pizzas… I think I just sold myself a HotPoint oven.

#AutumnalBakes event #AutumnalBakes event

I had a lovely day with some fellow baking bloggers! I also had a lot of fun on Twitter – who knew there were so many different baking related puns!? I’m now off to stock up on dry yeast and flour because I’m going to knead it to rise to the occasion and keep this bread baking inspiration going…

Kristina xx

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