Baking With Lindt – Simplest, Most Delicious Cupcakes You’ll Ever Make

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Food & Drink on June 22, 2016

There’s nothing more exciting than opening a box of chocolates! Especially if it’s Lindt chocolate – then you know they will all be gone within the next hour or so (or 5 minutes). I’m actually not a massive chocolate fan, more specifically I’m not a big fan of the flavour of cocoa. It’s a bit strong for me, hence why I really don’t link dark chocolate. If it’s milk chocolate on the other hand, as long as it’s light enough (or white) and contains something else like nougat or caramel for example, then I’m in.

Baking with Lindt Baking with Lindt

What about chocolate when it comes to baking, I hear you ask? I rarely bake with coca powder, as I don’t like that intense flavour of cocoa. Baking with milk chocolate though, is a very different thing. First of all you have the difference in consistency: powder vs. solids. Cocoa powder is obviously easier to bake with and can be added in with flour or sugar in a recipe. Baking with chocolate that you have to melt and add to a batter is much harder and demands a bit of skill. So when I decided to bake with Lindt chocolates, I made my life a little bit easier by not actually adding the Lindt chocolates to the batter, but to add them on top of my plain cupcakes! This is not cheating in any way I tell you, it’s just a way to create delicious cupcakes with just the right amount of chocolate without any hassle.

So, on to the actual recipe. This is what you need:

100 grams of butter
2 eggs
2 dl of sugar
3 dl of self raising flour
1 dl milk
Vanilla essence to taste
A box of Lindt Selection
(if you’re confused about me using dl, just Google it)

This is what to do:

Melt the butter and let cool. Beat the eggs with the sugar until white and fluffy. Add the butter mixed with the milk and the flour and vanilla essence and mix until smooth. Add to cupcake or muffin cases and pop in the oven for 15 minutes on 200 degrees Celsius or 180 if fan assisted.

Baking with Lindt

Just  few minutes before the cupcakes are finished, take them out of the oven and put the Lindt chocolates on top of each cupcake. Put them back in the oven for the last few minutes. This will make the chocolates melt on the inside, but still stay together in their perfect shapes. Take the cupcakes out of the oven and let them cool slightly before serving for immediate consumption!

Baking with LindtBaking with Lindt

How can you go wring with a cupcake and a soft melting Lindt chocolate on top? Here’s the answer – you can’t. Even if you’re a baking novice, you can do this. You can impress your guests with these super cute Lindt chocolates that are done within half an hour, or just have them all to yourself. Your call. Come on, let’s do it.

Baking with Lindt

Kristina xx

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