Barbecoa St Pauls London Restaurant Review

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Food & Drink on April 2, 2017

London is full of great places to eat. Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing, especially if you struggle to make up your mind. This is where peer recommendations are a perfect tool to use, and I’m just about to help you find the perfect place for your next night out in London: Barbecoa at St Paul’s cathedral. Whether you’re going for a celebration with a group of people or for an intimate evening for two, let me tell you why it’s the place to go.

Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review

Barbecoa is a new concept created by Jamie Oliver to bring amazing meat, cocktails, and outrageous desserts to London. There’s currently two locations, St. Paul’s and Picadilly, and soon to open more.

The other day I went to the St. Paul’s branch with my other half and had the pleasure of trying out their menu. I started out with an Old English before deciding what to have for starter and main. A very difficult thing to do when everything on the menu sounds delicious (but I’m a foodie so everything always sounds delicious to me…)

Before I go onto talking about the food, let me just take a second to tell you how amazing the venue is with it’s interestingly shaped open booth style seating arrangements, not to mention the spectacular view of St. Paul’s cathedral! It’s a modern space that oozes casual luxury that suits both a special occasion as well as a work do.

Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review

For starters we had the calamari as well as the chicken wings. My other half was a bit sceptical to the chicken wings at first as they were dry on the outside, so he expected them to perhaps be dry inside too. But oh no, they were the juiciest chicken wings I’ve ever come across! No sauces needed. The calamari was very good as well, with both whole mini squids and bigger pieces of the squid. The only thing I would have changed was the massive bunch of coriander on top of the calamari as I’m afraid to say I’ve got the coriander gene (i.e. it tastes like soap to me).

For mains we both opted for steak, I went for fillet steak with bone marrow, smoked béarnaise and herb salad and he went for the rib-eye with chimichurri. We also ordered the truffled mac & cheese, beef-dripping chips, and roasted carrots for sides.

Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review

Both our steaks were cooked to perfection to what we asked for. The only complaint I had for my dish again was all the coriander I had to avoid on my plate (I was hoping the herb salad would have other herbs than coriander) and also, the piece of bread my steak came on had turned into soggy dough by the time I tucked in. Don’t think it added anything to the dish really, I could have done without it.

The truffled mac & cheese was definitely a favourite, as well as the beef-dripping chips! Oh my, I could have those chips again and again. After having all of that amazing food we were more or less stuffed to to brink, but you know what they say – there’s always room for dessert…

It didn’t take me long to decide what to have for dessert as I saw the ‘snickersphere’ – basically a snickers in the shape of half a sphere with a little bit of gold on top! It as just as delicious as it looks and sounds. I could go back just to have it again.

Barbecoa St Pauls Restaurant reviewBarbecoa St Pauls Restaurant review

I really had the most lovely evening at Barbecoa. The staff was very attentive and professional, the food was immaculate (if you like coriander), the venue spectacular, and the snickersphere to die for. If you can’t decide where to go for dinner when in London next, I’ve decided for you – you’re going to Barbecoa!

Kristina xx

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