Christmas and New Years Cocktails & Mocktails

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Food & Drink on December 31, 2015

The festive period over Christmas and New Years is filled with delicious food and drink. Usually in much higher quantities than any other time a year… We try and entertain guests, host them, and try and give them a lovely holiday experience which includes a lot of cooking as well as cocktail making. I’m a wine drinker but when it comes to Christmas and New Years I love a good cocktail as it can be a more festive drink to have (I have mulled wine too of course). Because Christmas is over so many days and then New Years Eve just closely behind, there’s usually several days in a row with a lot of drinking, therefore mocktails can be good alternative to a normal cocktail and can be just as festive and delicious.

Christmas and New Yeas

I thought I’d share a couple of favourite festive drinks with you I’ve had over this Christmas: The Muddy Boots Cocktail and The Soft Mulled Wine.

The Muddy Boots Cocktail is a simple yet effective cocktail that will warm your soul after a long Christmas walk. This is what you need:

Muddy Boots (per serving)
150ml Heartsease Farm Fiery Ginger Beer
50ml Spiced Rum
1 Whole Star Anise
Garnish: wedge of lime

Just pour the rum into a glass, add the ginger beer, star anise, and garnish with a wedge of lime. It’s almost a bit too simple to make and easy to drink!

Christmas cocktails and mocktails

Christmas cocktails and mocktails

My second favourite drink for Christmas is a non-alcoholic mulled wine. I love a proper strong alcoholic mulled wine Swedish style, but this soft version is perfect when you’ve had enough of the Christmas spirits but still want something warming. This is how you do it:

In a saucepan warm the contents of a 750ml Spiced winter cranberry, add a small cinnamon stick, a few cloves, a star anise, orange slices and a handful of fresh cranberries. Enjoy with some ginger bread cookies for maximum festive feeling!

Xmas presents

Hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas, and hope you’ll all have a happy new year!

Kristina xx

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