#CurrysInTheKitchen Kenwood Blogger Event

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Food & Drink on August 9, 2015

Last Saturday I attended a blogger event arranged by Joe Blogs for Curry’s PC world promoting the Kenwood products, particularly the Kenwood kMix. I’m an existing Kenwood fan so I was delighted to be invited to an afternoon of baking with their products with a bunch of other lovely baking bloggers. The event was hosted at Wilmslow Cookery School south of Manchester. It’s a lovely little place hidden behind a couple of car dealers offering day and evening cookery classes both for adults and children. When I arrived I spotted Kat from Baking Explorer who I met at another event a while ago in Manchester. We paired up for the baking and created team K!

#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event

We were first taught by the lovely staff from Wilmslow Cookery School how to make meringues. It’s actually something I’ve never attempted to make myself in fear of failing as it’s nutritiously difficult! I tend to stick to baking fool proof stuff… It wasn’t very hard at all I realised, once you know a couple of tricks and use the kMix. Basically, you whisk egg whites very fluffy and add the sugar heated up to 80 degrees. This way the egg whites cook before they go into the oven to crisp up. We added a bit of food colouring to the inside of the piping bag before adding the meringue and squeezing little meringues onto a baking tray. They all turned out a bit different and with different amount of food colouring on them, but they were all equally as cute. The meringues then went into the oven for about 1.5 hours on 120 degrees Celsius.

#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event

#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event

#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event

Then it was time to start working on our Swiss rolls! The kMix is great for things like a Swiss roll where you need a really fluffy batter to make sure the cake gets fluffy enough. If the sponge is not fluffy enough when making a Swiss roll, it will break when you try and roll it up. Running the kMix on max until the eggs and sugar is really fluffy therefore makes such a difference.

#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event

When the sponge for the Swiss roll has cooled down, all you need to do is spread some whipped cream on it and some sliced strawberries and roll it up! Use the baking parchment paper to help you roll it up to reduce making an absolute mess. Trim the sides of the Swiss roll and decorate the top and you’re done! I was very happy with my Swiss roll and I have to say it tasted delicious too. We also used a bit of whipped cream to fill some raspberries and put on top of some of the meringues. It was really tasty and a great tip for cute little sweet canapé.

Then we were on to making the last bake of the day – a chocolate tart. I’m not a big chocolate fan so I guess this was my least favourite bake of the day. My other half is a chocoholic though so I was happy to be able to supply him with a gorgeous little chocolate tart. We used the kMix again to mix the ingredients for the chocolate pastry. We used cling film to roll out the pastry with a rolling pin, thereby you don’t need flour on the counter which might dry up the pastry – a really good tip from the chefs from Wilmslow cookery school.

#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking event#Currysinthekitchen Kenwood baking eventI made a K from some of the left over pastry when making the tart. I posted the picture of me with the pastry K and it won me a Kenwood kMix for the best Instagram picture from the event! I was so happy, I never thought I’d own a kMix! I cannot wait to start using it. I also go the new glass bowl to use with is which is great as you can see what’s going on in the bowl whilst mixing. Everyone at the event got an amazing goody bag as well that generously consisted of a Kenwood hand mixer. Both the mixer and the kMix is in cream which will look superb in my new kitchen!

I had a lovely day with some familiar and new bloggers. A massive thanks to Joe Blogs, Currys PC World, and Kenwood for an amazing event I won’t soon forget.

Kristina xx

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