Disaronno Sour Royale Cocktail Recipe – Perfect For Valentine’s

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Food & Drink on February 7, 2016

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Are you going out for a romantic dinner, or if you’re single are you staying in eating a whole tub of ice cream on your own? Regardless of which, I’ve got a great tip for a cocktail you can make for yourself (recipe is easy to double) or for yourself and your Valentine. It’s a version of the classic Disaronno Sour, called Disaronno Sour Royale. The difference is the addition of cranberry juice, and it really does make a difference in flavour as well as in colour (red for Valentine’s of course!)

Disaronno sour royale recipe

The recipe is simple. This is what you need and you simple mix them and serve:

·         50ml Disaronno

·         25ml Lemon juice

·         25ml Cranberry juice

·         Topped up with sparkling wine

I didn’t have any ice at home (I know, disgraceful) but as the ingredients were chilled anyway it was absolutely fine without ice. I was planning on serving it in short cocktail glasses at first but ended up serving the cocktail in wine glasses as the recipe contains sparkling wine. I also added a slice of lemon for garnish and some extra sour flavour.

Disaronno sour royale recipeDisaronno is usually not my first spirit of choice when making a cocktail but I have to say it’s a new found favourite. I think some people can find the almond/marzipan flavour of Disaronno a bit overpowering, but I think it’s all in how you mix it and what you have it with. A lot of people like it on its own chilled as an aperitif, but I think my favourite must be the Disaronno Sour Royale.

Disaronno sour royale recipe

Kristina xx

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