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By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Food & Drink on May 7, 2017

Want to experience something different, something unique and exclusive?

If you’re a regular restaurant goer and love to try new things and places, the Eat Off The Menu concept is perfect for you! Let me try and explain it to you through the words of the organisation itself:

“The concept is quite simple – we scour the city for secret dishes that restaurants hide from their menu and gather them on our website with a little bit of description and a review from us. We also discover what makes these OffTheMenu dishes so special and share with you weekly on our blog! Is it an age old secret family recipe? Is it an experimental dish invented by the chef?”

Eat Off The Menu was created for real foodies. The concept was born from the desire to experience something more than the boring old menu, and instead go a step further, to the true story behind the chef – giving him/her the opportunity to express themselves beyond the constraints of the menu. I love the idea of this as it creates not just another great tasting dinner for food lovers but a full culinary experience, laced with the story of the chef cooking it for you.

Smoked Duck starter from The Waterways London Crab cake starter from The Waterways London

Working in marketing, I know very well about the importance for brands to tell a story to capture customers. For restaurants it’s really important to use the story of the brand to create an experience for the customers that goes well beyond the food itself. The location, the waiters, the colour scheme, the lighting, the music – everything is part of the story you are telling the customers that will in the end convince them to come back and experience it again.

Squid starter from The Waterways London

Last week, I was invited The Waterway in Maida Vale in London to try one of the Secret Dishes of the Eat Off The Menu website. I met Alex who is the creator of East Off The Menu and had a chance to hear a bit more about the company and how it started before we went on a food journey to the Mediterranean. The secret dish (not so secret any more if you keep reading…) created by Head Chef Rasheed was a herb crust lamb rack with ratatouille with roasted pistachios and feta cheese, called “The Real Mediterranean“. First of all, it was the most tender piece of lamb I’ve ever had in my life and the combination of the sweet ratatouille with pistachios and sour feta just worked absolutely perfectly. It is not a dish I would have seen on the menu and decided to go for. I normally don’t go for lamb and I wouldn’t choose something tomato based such as ratatouille. Still, if I went back to the The Waterway tomorrow, I would ask for this dish. It was just a harmony of Mediterranean flavours! If you don’t think it’s your kind of dish, I would still highly recommend a visit to The Waterways as it’s set in a beautiful location next to the water with an array of delicious dishes. We got to try a few of them and I was just as impressed with them as I was with the Secret Dish.

The Real Mediterranean Secret Dish at The Waterways London

Head Chef Rasheed at Waterways London "The Real Mediterranean"

If this concept appeals for you, try it out for yourself! This is how it works:

  • Step 1: Purchase your favourite secret dish from EatOffTheMenu
  • Step 2: The name and location of the restaurant will be revealed to you via email. You can visit the restaurant anytime you want.
  • Step 3: Once you arrive, order the secret dish and show your electronic receipt.

It’s quite simple really, and you get to have what no one else is having in the restaurant! Go on, what are you waiting for?

The Real Mediterranean Secret Dish at The Waterways London

Kristina xx

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