Review of Ecco Pizzeria Roundhay Leeds

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Food & Drink on July 25, 2016

I recently went to Ecco Pizzeria in Roundhay Leeds to try out their menu and see what their authentic Neapolitan pizzas were all about. I’ve seen quite a few other Leeds bloggers reviewing Ecco pizzeria recently so they have definitely been successful in reaching out to the right audience to get the word out about their restaurants!

I brought my good friend Lora with me to spend some quality time together over pizza and drinks. We arrived at Ecco Pizzeria and realised that it’s actually situated right in between Pizza Express and Dominoes. We had a little laugh about this and I was wondering how Ecco are setting themselves apart from these two pizza giants right next door…

We had to wait for a minute for our table to be ready and when it was we were sat right by the panorama windows facing the outside terrace that at the time wasn’t open because of the risk of rain. We started off by ordering our drinks and went for two fruity mocktails to suit our summers evening. Ecco Pizzeria does not serve any alcohol which is good to know, but to be honest that didn’t bother me at all as they have a good selection of other drinks to choose from.

Mocktails Ecco pizzeria Leeds

We went onto ordering our pizza. We decided to go for the massive 1/2 a metre pizza and picked two different toppings for it, which basically equals 2 normal 12″ pizzas. I chose the Athens pizza which included feta cheese, spinach, olives, and red onion, and Lora chose the Marrakech pizza which included lamb, caramelised red onion, aubergines and peppers. When ordering your pizza you get a choise of a dipping sauce to dip your crust in (what a good idea!) so I picked sour cream and Lora picked garlic and herbs.

When the pizza came out I was very impressed! The 1/2 metre pizza looks absolutely stunning and I would recommend it to any couple going to Ecco Pizzeria as it makes such a great impression (and it makes for great pictures). On to the taste… It was DELICIOUS. Sorry about the caps, but it really was a really good pizza. Firstly, the dough – it’s the perfect pizza dough: not too thin and pathetic but full of fluffiness and still doughy without being too heavy. Secondly, the toppings were really fresh and the vegetables were crispy even though the pizza was cooked very well (crust was perfect colour) which tells the story of the 800 degree pizza oven that was made in the hills of Tuscany.

I almost manged to eat the whole thing, with the sour cream dip for the crust as well, and I was very full! However when we were asked abut the desserts menu I realised I actully did have some room left! It’s strange isn’t it?!

Ecco pizzeria Leeds Roundhay

Another strong point for Ecco Pizzeria apart from their amazing pizzas is their ice cream. It’s made fresh in store every day and you have a choice from a variety of delicious flavours including Nutella and cookies & cream. That’s exactly what we both decided to have actually – I didn’t need to see any of the other flavours once I spotted them…

Ecco pizzeria leeds Ecco Pizzeria Leeds

Fresh ice cream, great mocktails, and DELICIOUS pizza – what more could you ask for? I don’t ask for anything else than that really. Perhaps just a cleanly place and friendly staff, and to be honest, Ecco Pizzeria delivered on that as well. I actually can’t recommend them enough and I can’t believe I haven’t been back already! If you’re not close to Roundhay in Leeds they have a restaurant in Headingley as well. It’s well worth the trip though if you’re further away and you can drive because you won’t drink, however you might be in a food coma…

Ecco pizzeria leeds Ecco pizzeria Leeds

Kristina xx

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