7 Ways Lighting Can Transform Your Home

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on May 2, 2018

Lighting is often an afterthought. Only when the rest of the room has been styled do we consider lighting. As such, it is often a quick decision that involves selecting a new lamp shade.

However, lighting has the power to transform your home, by changing the way a room looks and feels. As such, we should invest more time, energy and money in our lighting options.

I’ve been trying to get my bedroom organised and styled for a while now and it’s been a slow process. I’ve got an idea of the theme now and just need to put some things into action (such as building the IKEA wardrobe…) but my sister kindly helped me with the lighting by gifting me an original feather light and the difference it’s made in the room is massive!

Feather light

Open Up Alcoves

We all have rooms with dark corners and alcoves that are either crammed with shelves or house a lonely chair. However, lighting can change these areas. Increase the perception of space using lamps, which can transform dingy corners.

Create Focal Features

Lighting can be used to make a statement in any room, by drawing focus to particular areas. To do this, choose a low statement pendant light. This is particularly effective over a seating area or bed, as it creates a feature and adds a feeling of warmth.

Increase the Style

Although there are loads of boring lighting options, you do not have to choose a plain old lamp shade. Instead, mix it up and go for a bold light. Choosing a modern chandelier, multiple pendant light, or designer lamp to add the finishing touch to your room’s style.

Play with Texture

You may have already introduced texture with your soft furnishings, but your lighting is an opportunity to take it one step further. Run with the industrial vibe and choose a metal shade, add an au naturale feel with bamboo or rattan, or a splash of colour with a modern pendant.

Introduce New Colours

Lighting represents an opportunity to change your home’s ambience. Light bulbs are the perfect way to do this. Available in a range of colours and styles, from bright white LEDs to orange glow Edison style bulbs, you can add a warm glow or go for a natural daylight feel.

Change the Walls

Lighting is so much more than just ceiling and table lights. It can be innovative and change spaces. So, consider using lighting to edit your walls. Do this by placing rope lighting along dado rails, under kitchen worktops, or along skirting boards, to pull focus to different areas.

Illusion of Height

Changing your line of vision can work wonders in a room. One example of this is by drawing the eye upwards, which can make a room feel taller and bigger. Thankfully, you do not need to carry out building work to do this. Simply use tall floor lamps and high wall lights.

Try these 7 ways lighting to change your home, create a warm ambience and make it feel cosy.

Kristina xx

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