Creating a Tranquil Bedroom

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on April 25, 2016

We’ve lived in our house now for six months now, and finally I have completed my little bedroom makeover I have been meaning to do since we moved in. What took the longest time was to pick a colour. If you’ve ever tried to pick a light grey colour, you’ll know the struggle! Grey colours look nothing like their paper testers or online. I tried about 15 different colour testers on my wall before I found one that wasn’t either purple, bright blue, or yellow – even though the sample looked plain grey…

My next struggle was choosing a headboard for the bed. This went hand in hand with picking the colour, as when I thought I’d found a good grey colour I got my headboard delivered and it didn’t match that colour at all. The two different grey tones did not go hand in hand. So in short, creating a tranquil bedroom was all but a straightforward task, but we got there in the end.

#Bedmakeover #Bedmakeover

I wanted to go for a grey tone for the walls to get away from the magnolia that was there before. I still wanted to keep it quite light and plain to create a calm space with a bit of Scandinavian influence to keep with my roots. I didn’t want to make it boring of course, which I think I’ve battled quite well with the pillows and the bedside lights – incorporating a bit of darker and patterned details to brake off the light grey colours.

#Bedmakeover #Bedmakeover

I’m sharing my changes to my bedroom as part of Bed Guru‘s campaign #BedMakeover that highlights the fact that you can renew your bedroom with very small means. Be that a headboard, new bedside lights, or pillows and throws – it’s easy to change up one of the most important places in your house, which is where you spend almost a third of your life!


I’m so happy with my bedroom makeover! What do you think of my light grey Scandinavian bed and bedroom?

Kristina xx

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