Five Design Elements to Add to Your Home Remodel

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on January 28, 2018

As I recently shared the smaller home improvements we’ve got coming up this year, I thought I’d also share some tips on the bigger plans we have with the house which includes extensions and remodelling the house.

Remodelling a home is a huge step. It is taking back your property and it is transforming it into everything that you have ever dreamed of. It is fixing the problems that have plagued you; it is finally ensuring that your home reflects you, and not merely a builder’s shell. There is only so much that decorating can do, before you start to become frustrated with the design (or lack of) elements in your home. Adding artistry into your home can make it feel luxurious in ways that nothing else can. That is why when you are remodelling your home, you should consider adding these five design elements:

Unusual Doors and Partitioning Walls

Doors and walls are often the least of your concerns, but if you want to truly bring in design elements into your home, this is one of the best ways to do it. Having wall partitions and doorways that lead your eye across the room and beyond can be the perfect way to better format your home while also keeping the open-plan that you love so much. These doors and partitioning walls should be art pieces in and of themselves as well, adding more intrigue into your room.

Accent Walls

Accent walls really had their five minutes of fame, but just because interior design has relatively moved past them does not mean that they are not an excellent way to tie a room together. Instead of painting an accent wall, however, consider using more natural materials, like brick, stone, or even wood.

internal brick wall

Glass Art

As you remodel your bathroom, or your kitchen, or even your stairwell, it’s time to consider how you could use art to make these areas pop. Glass is the perfect material to do this in, as it offers the simplicity and quietness needed to offset an ambitious design. You will need to hire a specialist company like CBD Glass, but the results can be very rewarding.

Maximising Light

Light will never go out of style. In fact, people can genuinely develop seasonal depression due to the lack of sunlight during winter. That is why, no matter what your design style is, you need to find ways to incorporate more light into your home. You could do this by installing skylights, by opening the floorplan up, or by using mirrors. Whatever you choose, try to maximise the amount of natural light.

Skylight windows

Use Colour for You

The last thing that you should do when choosing colour is follow the trend. Colour is very personal, and it has a huge impact on your mood. Know what you want to feel in a room first, and then look to add the colours that encourage that feeling.

Contemporary design is not strict. In fact, it encourages you to take design inspiration from anywhere, so long as the design fits you and your lifestyle. Add a touch of minimalism into your home by not overcrowding, and focus on what reflects you, because it is your home, not anyone else’s.

Kristina xx

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