How To Make Your Own Succulent Terrarium

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on January 29, 2017

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a slight obsession with tiny succulents for quite some time now. Succulents are just the best plants as they are so hard to kill (although I’ve managed to kill a few…) and in a mini format they are just so irresistibly cute!

Succulent terrarium

A perfect way to display you tiny succulents is in a terrarium. I managed to get hold of this beautiful black metal terrarium from Urban Outfitters a while back and have been meaning to do something with it since. I finally got around to getting some perfect little succulents for it and got to work.

To make your own succulent terrarium, all you need is a terrarium of some sort, some mini succulents and some gravel. I opted for some white round fish tank gravel that I bought on Amazon for more or less nothing.

Start by putting a bit of the gravel around the edges of the bottom of your terrarium. This will ensure you won’t see any of the soil from the succulents.

How to make a succulent terrarium

Add the succulents in the middle of the terrarium and try and not get any of the soil touching the outer walls of it. You can use a bit of water if the soil is dry to be able to shape it into place better.

How to make a succulent terrarium

Then add more of the gravel to get up to the same level as the succulents and cover all the soil. Then you are done! How easy was that? And how gorgeous is the result?

How to make a succulent terrarium

Kristina xx

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