My Downstairs Loo Makeover

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on May 24, 2016

Decorating our house has been a slow process, but I’m quite enjoying it that way. I’ve given myself time to think about what I’d really like and what I will enjoy living in. I recently painted our bedroom in a light grey-blue tone called Dove Grey from Dulux. When deciding what colour to choose for our downstairs loo, I wanted something a bit more adventurous but not too dark for such a small space. I had my mind set on a mint green colour, but then I had to think about the re-sell appeal for the future so eventually I decided to go for Spring Sage from Homebase.

Downstairs loo makeover

Spring Sage is available in matt and silk, so we went for silk as I thought that would be better for such a small room and also for cleaning purposes. I didn’t realise how well it would work together with the laminate floor, it really compliments it. If I had known that I might have picket it for the hallway instead…

Before my makeover, the room was a very uninspiring magnolia/off-white colour, making the basin and toilet blend into the walls… In fact, that was the colour our entire house was painted in when we moved in. I really cannot stand it and am very glad we’re almost rid of it! It’s just the hallway and one of the bedrooms that are still to be de-magnoliafied.

Downstairs loo makeover Downstairs loo makeover Downstairs loo makeover

I already had a lot of details I knew I wanted to add to the room. One of them being this gorgeous little candle from Erin Tynan Creative┬ácalled It’s Pina Pleasure – it smells like you’ve gone to heaven and are drinking the best pina colada you’ve ever had! I can highly recommend these candles as they actually hold their scent and they all have names that are cute puns of what they smell of. Perfect gift idea really.

Downstairs loo makeoverDownstairs loo makeover Downstairs loo makeover

I bought a couple of new bits as well: a small white storage unit from Homebase to store small bits in, and a white and turquoise chevron patterned storage basket for loo rolls from Wilko. I also added a little plant to the windowsill and a little storage basket in pink and blue that I’ve had for years. That little basket was actually a bit of an inspiration for the room overall as I love subtle kitsch things.

Downstairs loo makeover

What do you think of my downstairs loo makeover?

Kristina xx

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