My Spare Room Makeover

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on April 7, 2016

When we were looking at houses to buy last year we were only looking at 3 bedroom houses. Although we weren’t looking for a ‘forever home’ or even a house we would have kids in, we knew we needed at least 3 bedrooms. My partner needed a room to host his drum kit, a massive stationary computer, an electric piano, a steel pan, and a variety of other instruments. And I needed a room for all my clothes and a space for blogging (our interests are quite obvious aren’t they!)

Naturally, the smaller out of the three bedrooms became ‘my room’. It took a while, but I’m finally finished with my little makeover of my room and I am so very happy with it. It’s my little Scandinavian haven! I’ve been working on it in stages really, as life comes in between, and started just after we moved in by painting the walls white. I cannot stand all those Magnolia coloured walls you see very often here in the UK – I need it to be white. Also, I’m not a big fan of carpets, so I knew I had to put a laminate floor down.

Scandinavian Pine laminate floor from Homebase

It took a while to get going but I finally started putting down the laminate floor. I picked a white stained Scandinavian pine laminate from Homebase and some white floor lists. I’ve helped my dad put down floors in the past so I decided to do a bit of DIY and it went really well! I only sawed one board in the wrong place, and in my own finger once, but otherwise it went smoothly. The modern ‘click’ laminate floors are really easy for anyone to put down, as long as you read the instructions carefully.

The next step after that was to build my new wardrobe from IKEA. It’s the BRUSALI wardrobe, which was fairly tricky to build, mainly because it’s so big and I was doing it on my own. I’s in a very light grey colour and at this point my parter announced that he thought my room was very white, to which my reply was ‘that’s exactly the point!’ (It’s very obvious he’s not Scandinavian isn’t it…)

Brusali wardrobe from IKEA

After that is was time to decorate! My favourite part of the process. I’ve bought some new bits from Primark Home and H&M Home. I strongly believe in cheap and trendy home dĂ©cor – that way you can afford to change it up more often!

Spare Room Makeover Spare Room Makeover Spare Room Makeover Spare Room Makeover

What do you think of my spare room makeover?

Kristina xx

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