New Bathroom Inspiration: Scandinavian Style

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on November 29, 2016

We’re finally settled in our new house in Horsham. It’s been a tough couple of weeks trying to get it all sorted and we’re nowhere done yet. I guess we have to focus on the different steps of having it “sorted” – we’ve ticked off the first step in terms of getting all our stuff in the house. Next step is to get a new boiler installed. The step after that will be to re-do the bathroom downstairs to a utility and shower room. After that, the grand plan is to make a bathroom of the smallest badroom upstairs, located over the kitchen, and do a loft conversion to keep it a 3 bedroom house.

Phew! It’s exhausting just to think about it but equally as exciting. I’ve been Pinning away on Pinterest on my board New Bathroom and if you have a look at it you will get an idea of what I want: a lovely light modern Scandinavian ‘bathroom’. I say bathroom and will continue calling it a bathroom for the purpose of this post, but it will be what a British person would call a utility/shower room. In Sweden we normally have our washing machine in our bathroom and a shower instead of a bath. Who needs a bathtub anyway? I’m not bothered…

Scandinavian style bathroom

My ideal bathroom for the space that we have downstairs would include:

  • white square tiled walls and black slate floor
  • a walk-in shower with a glass door and an overhead waterfall shower that comes out of the wall
  • a tiled box that contains the washing machine that creates storage on top
  • a modern mix tap sink and standard toilet
  • a big towel rail that fits 2 bath towels easily

Scandinavian style bathroom

I would also love for all the fittings to be black and not chrome. I love the contrast between the white tiles and the black accessories, and I would also opt for black grout to make it all work together nicely. I also need a big mirror (preferably one with lights) and quite a bit of storage for my bathroom as I do have a lot of products, but I haven’t figured out how we could fit that into the space quite yet…

Scandinavian style bathroom

I’m wondering if I’m doing the right thing with this look. What do you think? I need to make sure it works in therms of resale value for the future. But who doesn’t love a Scandi style bathroom? Pinteresters certainly go mad for it!

Kristina xx

Image cred: Pinterest

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