Project House: Home Improvement Plans

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on September 18, 2017

I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since we moved into our house and relocated down south permanently! Since we bought our Victorian semi, we’ve painted almost all the rooms, hung some paintings, and made it our own, but we haven’t made any major home improvements on it yet. The main reason for that is that there is nothing urgent needing doing to the house. It was done up recently (in the last few years) so it’s got a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom and although it might not be our style at all, we’ve kind of been living with the motto of what’s not broken doesn’t need fixing. However, we want this to be a long term home for us, so of course we have some grand plans we want to put into place in the coming years. So here are some of those plans…

Loft conversion

Our house is a perfect candidate for a loft conversion. The loft is a good size and is in a good condition to be done up to be a bedroom (with a potential en-suite) or a spare room or home office. Ideally I’d like it to be our master bedroom and then I’d like for it to have an en-suite. If the en-suite is not possible, which it might not be depending on size, I think it would make a really nice home office/music room. My other half could have his drums up there, as well as the piano, and the guitars, and computer. I’d love for it to have dormer with french balcony doors as well as sky lights to let in as much light as possible. A loft can feel a bit dark because of the angled roof, so I’d like as big widows as possible. I’m not sure how we’d be able to do this in the best way, but here are some tips for choosing roof windows.

Our main concerns or potential issues with the loft conversion is how to position the stairs up to the loft. As our house is laid out currently, the stairs runs in the middle of the house, separating the two main bedrooms upstairs. If the staircase up to the loft runs alongside the current staircase it would eat up some of the space in our master bedroom. That would leave two smaller bedrooms on the 1st floor (and a small bedroom/spare room) and a potential master bedroom upstairs. The other option would be to use the third small bedroom on the 1st floor to build the staircase in as well as an upstairs loo which we don’t have currently. I really like this idea, but we’re not sure it will work yet. We need to get an architect in I think to give us some ideas. Why I like this option is because it gives us an opportunity to create a really cool turning staircase which we can put some work into, such as a glass staircase. Here are some examples of cool staircase options.

Loft conversion - Home inprovements


House Extension

Our house is not as large as the house we had in Leeds, which is fair enough as you don’t get as much for your money down south, but instead we got great character and charm in our Victorian house. There’s a great opportunity to enlarge our house with an extension though. There is a bit of room on the side of our house and at the back of the house that lends itself well to a dining room/kitchen extension. It would be a dream of mine to have an open plan kitchen diner with a kitchen island and I think this would be very much possible with a quite simple extension.

The net thing on my which list for home improvements are big glass doors out to the garden. That would be perfect if we did an extension, to add big sliding glass doors that would lead onto the garden. I’ve been inspired by our neighbours who’ve done up their slightly larger Victorian detached house and added big glass doors to the back as well as new windows throughout, all with black window casing. It looks so smart! Have a look here for some black window casing inspiration.


New Bathroom

I’m desperately dreaming of a new bathroom. Our current one is not terrible, just extremely uninspiring. What we want to do is to remove the bath and just have a walk in shower divided by only a sheet of glass. I would love to have all matt black taps and shower head, and match that with very simple white tiles all over with black grout and a darker tiled floor. I’ve been playing with the idea of some patterned floor tiles, perhaps Moroccan inspired but in black and white, something similar to this.

Grey and white bathroom floor tiles

Black and white bathroom

The next big thing we’re doing in terms of home improvement before moving onto any of these projects are installing a new boiler and removing the water tanks from the loft and third bedroom. After that, we’ll probably be in a good position to do the bathroom in the spring.

It’s all very daunting but very exciting too! I can’t wait to start investing into our home and make it the very best it can be.

Kristina xx


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