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By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on January 24, 2018

There’s just so much I want to do with our house! It’s a nice problem to have as we can add so much value to the property, but it’s also a daunting task. I recently wrote about some grand plans we have for the house such as loft conversion and new bathroom, but we’ve recently had a bit more of a think about what smaller more manageable things we can do in the short term. There are some really simple things that can be done that would add a lot of value, both to the house and to our lives. Here are some of those things we’re planning on doing soonish…

Hard Wood and Laminate Flooring

I’m Swedish, the home of Scandinavian chic and hard wood floors, so naturally I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with carpets. Or actually, just a hate relationship! To be fair though, carpets can be nice in a British style bedroom but that’s probably about it. Rugs that you can change when your style change that lie on top of a gorgeous wooden or laminate floor is just a much better idea – wouldn’t you agree?

We currently have a carpet in our downstairs living room and it’s just not practical as it’s right next door to the hallway, and our doggo Lola loves hanging out in the room especially when she’s really mucky. A hardwood, engineered, or laminate floor is definitely something we’ll be putting down in there. I think we might go for a light laminate floor but there’s a lot of different laminate flooring styles out there which makes it really hard to decide. We might also go for a really dark floor as I like contrast, but it does show dust easily so perhaps not. Decisions, decisions…


Storage Possibilities

Apart from flooring, we’re also looking at different storage opportunities in the house as we don’t have a lot of storage. Or rather, the storage we have isn’t really optimised to it’s full potential. We’ve got quite a bit of space below the staircase, but at the moment there are no shelves or built in storage there. If we did have that, it would make a massive difference to us.

We’re also looking to get a built in wardrobe in our bedroom as opposed the the freestanding wardrobe we have there at the moment. Then we would be able to utilise the space all the way up to the ceiling.

The next big storage thing for us will also be to create some storage around our new boiler. It’s in an awkward place between the kitchen and bathroom and could be made into a small utility room. I’m not sure how easily we would be able to do this ourselves, so we might need to have someone to come around and do all these storage bits for us – but I think it would be absolutely worth it to get some proper storage in place.

Built-in wardrobes

Wall Decorations

Sounds like a simple one perhaps, but what you put on your walls have a massive impact on the feel of a room as well as value if you’re looking to sell. Wall decorations such as paintings and posters are so important to add a bit of personality and to bring a room together. Mirrors are also great for adding a sense of space to a room. We really need to up our game in this area and hang some stuff on our walls!

Another thing we need to do is to add some shelves. This is not just for the decoration value but going back to the previous point of storage. I’ve still got all sorts of little bits and bobs I want to put on display, but because we don’t have any shelves to put them on, they’re still hiding in boxes (a year after we moved in…) This String shelf below is the only shelf in the house we’ve managed to get up!

These are all manageable things we should be able to do in the short term. The challenge now is to find the time! We’re in the middle of planning a wedding so time (and energy) is precious. I’m sure we can find some though…

Kristina xx

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