Shopping for the Perfect Bed

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on April 13, 2016

Selecting the perfect bed is not as simple as it seems, with personal preference, durability and budget all playing key roles in the one you eventually choose. A bed frame should be an investment piece, bought to last for a considerable amount of time and this is why you should have knowledge of the main types of beds before you select the one for you. I know this, because when we picked our bed it took ages for us to decide and we looked at all different types of beds to replace our existing one. As it can be quite a stressful job with all the various styles out there, I thought I’d share some useful tips.¬†There are many other helpful blogs that I would recommend visiting, one of them being¬† – blog. They simplify the shopping process!

Coffee in bed

Metal Beds

I adore the sleek lines and ornate features of metal beds and I find that they add a feminine touch to the bedroom. This can be a problem if your partner isn’t quite as enthusiastic about getting in touch with their feminine side, but there are so many pros to selecting a metal bed that I am sure it would not take much to convince them that you are right! Metal beds are sturdy and are less susceptible to everyday wear and tear which makes them a great investment. The bed I used to have back in Stockholm was a white metal frame from IKEA that I still dream of every now and again…

Colourful Fabric Beds

At first I was reluctant to even consider a fabric bed as I was worried about spilling my make-up or my morning cup of tea on it. However, after a little research, I discovered that not only can fabric bed frames be utterly beautiful, but they can also be easy to clean. If you shop online at a company like Bedstar, you are free to choose from an array of colours, fabrics and sizes, and with bed frames available in chenille, leather and velvet, fabric beds can really fit in with the style of any bedroom. I particularly like the white or grey ones as I simply adore the classic Scandinavian look this lends to the bedroom.


TV Beds

This is the ultimate piece for the film-lover’s bedroom. A TV bed stores the television in a hidden compartment when not in use and is conveniently accessible at the click of a button when you want to snuggle up with your loved one to watch your favourite movie. I think this kind of bed is perfect for all types of homes as families, singletons and couples can all appreciate just how relaxing it is to be able to watch TV shows and movies from the comfort of a bed and unlike simply having a television in the room, you don’t have to keep the TV on display all the time and can just use the remote to store it away at the end of the bed.

Ottoman Beds

When space is scarce, the best option is an Ottoman bed. You can choose from side opening beds to ones that open from the bottom and you can store all manner of things in them: clothes, shoes, books and bedding. I’d certainly recommend this style of bed to those who like the minimalist look and those that don’t want a wardrobe or chest of drawers taking up too much space.


What kind of bed do you prefer and have you ever had any of the beds I’ve written about?

Kristina xx

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