Smart Space-Saving Ideas You Definitely Need to Try

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on September 28, 2017

For a fashion and makeup hoarder like me, it doesn’t take much before too many items and not enough storage turn a warm and comfortable house into a cluttered one. When you have too many items to store and not enough storage space, keeping the house tidy and organised is also more difficult.

Worry not because there are solutions you can try to keep things under control. Here are the best space-saving ideas you definitely need to try if you are desperately in need of more storage space.

An Extra Level

If you have a relatively high ceiling, you are in luck. There is a trend developing among homeowners who are struggling with limited storage space, and that is creating an extra level inside the room. You can have an elevated area that is both functional and space-extending. You can then use the lower part for storage and the upper area for other functions.

Adding an extra level to a room is easy and inexpensive. A wooden structure and a good design are what you need to get started. Make sure the upper level isn’t too close to the ceiling so that you can use it as a functional space, and that you organise the lower level to avoid adding more clutter to the house.

IMG_2250-Copy-1024x683Concealed and Recessed Storage

Another challenge you may need to overcome when trying to add storage space to a room is avoiding making the room look cramped or even confined. This can be done by keeping the cabinets concealed. Try to use finishing that allows cabinets to blend nicely into the room so you can maintain a minimalistic look.

Recessed storage is also a good idea. If you have folds and cavities that are underutilized, turn them into spaces for recessed cabinets. Again, the goal is to keep the room minimalistic; recessed storage is the perfect solution in this situation.

Custom Racks

Existing cabinets and drawers can be underutilized. Inefficiently storing items leads to a lot of wasted space. The space occupied by unfolded clothes can actually be used to store so much more. All you need is a bit more organisation.

Custom racks and cabinet dividers are your friends if you are serious about optimising the storage space available to you. They are durable and inexpensive and you can get them in different sizes to suit your specific needs perfectly.


Spring Cleaning

The best way to save space around the house, however, is by limiting the number of items you keep. You don’t have to throw away stuff just to free up space. Thanks to self-storage facilities and special offers such as the AAA storage discounts available from Self Storage Finders, you can have more space for storing unused items without breaking the bank.

These space-saving ideas are easy to implement and they are definitely worth a try. The next time you feel the house is too cluttered, try to incorporate these tips and free up more space in an instant.

Kristina xx

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  • Daniel Black

    Making smart use of physical space is the best thing that you can do, so many of our friends tend to waste space and complain that the place is messy. We had the fitters from turn our landing into an office to make use of the wasted area and fitted wardrobes in the bedroom so we actually have enough storage now. The furniture looks much better than the freestanding wardrobes we had before as well so that only added to how pleased we were.