Tips to Getting Your Home Winter Ready

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on October 5, 2017

Winter is fast approaching, and this is the time of the year to spruce up your home to get it winter ready. You’ll be spending more time within these four walls, and so it’s important to make it somewhere that you want to be in! Here are five tips to get your home winter ready.


You don’t want to be sat among a year’s worth of postbox debris: you know, that pile of newsletters, fliers and not so important documents that you have on your kitchen counter? Go through and get rid of anything outdated: you missed the summer party and you don’t have a dog to be groomed.

Spare Room Makeover


Put the spring into your cleaning. Now you’ve decluttered, you can give your home a really good deep clean. The spiders that make their way into your home in autumn are making themselves at home, and while you appreciate their fly catching capabilities, you don’t want their webs to be in every corner. Lift up furniture, move beds and really give the house a thorough hoover and airing.

Let There Be Light

What you want from your home varies seasonally. The shorter days require you to draw your curtains and retreat into your inner sanctum, which means that you need this space to be as gorgeous as possible. Less sunlight means that you need to have your lighting solution reviewed; choose new wall sconces or perhaps a statement pendant by Modern Forms from YLighting to really add the wow factor. It may be gloomy outside, but inside should be bright and cheerful. You don’t want to be sitting in the dark, so choose something that you really love.


Let There Be Warmth

Before you start dreading the winter heating bills, take the time to check that your windows and doors are maintained to keep the heat in and the draughts out. Loosing heat through badly cared for woodwork is both avoidable and inefficient. Hone your DIY skills and stop the leaks. You’ll be saving your money, and keeping warmer. You also need to bleed your radiators to make sure that the trapped air inside is removed – you want the heat to circulate all around the radiator for maximum efficiency.


Now is the time to invest in some hearthside winter rugs, and throws for your sofa, choose luxurious cashmere with deep opulent colors to add to the feeling of warmth. You can change the ambience of your room by changing the colors of your cushions to more winter appropriate fabrics and tones; think emerald or amethyst in velvets and silks. For the longer winter nights, choose winter-fragranced scented candles with frankincense, or spruce, pine and birch to evoke feelings of Scandinavian forests.

Spare Room Makeover

The weather and short days can get you down, so make your home as comfortable as possible and make it a pleasure to be in. Winter is a great time of almost enforced relaxation: read books, watch movies and catch up with friends in pubs with roaring fires. Sounds wonderful!

Kristina xx

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