Top 4 Home Decor Trends 2018

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Home Decor on February 23, 2018

Lilac is the new pink

I still love pink – we haven’t fallen out of love quite yet. But there’s a new colour on the block, and her name is Lilac. All types of lavender tones are making their way into our homes. Be that in fabrics, wall colour, or accent colours. If you’re still not ready to let go of pink, the two works well in harmony if you’re thinking of slowly easing into it.

Lavender interior design trend

Tone on tone

Tone on tone is a trend I can easily get behind. Especially when we’re talking about dark bold colours and integrating storage into it’s surroundings without necessarily doing the classic built in solution. For example, painting the wall the same colour as an antique bureau for a rich decadent feel. Another way to get a lovely unity feel to your room is to do your window blinds in the same colour as the walls – easy but efficient way to make an impact.

tone on tone living room

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Natural textures

Who doesn’t love a bit of macramé? The natural handmade feel is going strong this year. Anything from woven baskets, wicker furniture, raw edges, macramé cushions, wood and stone materials will be strong features in interior decor in 2018. If you don’t fancy a bit of craft, there’s plenty of choice to purchase your own handmade products, such as this gorgeous wall hanging from Etsy:

wall hangning

Naturally tropical

I love palm trees, both in the wild and in my home and on prints! This trend for this year is definitely something I can get behind. I love a bit of tropical patterns and botanical prints. Actually, our wedding invite for our wedding in September is inspired by this (soon to be revealed…). The good old pineapple is still going strong as well together with big and bold floral prints. There’s no need to hold back!

pineapple decor

Are you incorporating any of these trends into your home this year?

Kristina xx


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