4 Top Tips for Aspiring Writers

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on May 2, 2018

Who wouldn’t love to be a writer? There are many people who strongly feel that we all have at least one novel inside of us, just waiting to be let out. However, anyone who has ever sat down and actually tried to get that novel out will be able to testify as to how difficult it is.

In fact, becoming a writer isn’t at all like most people think it is, for those who love writing, the actual journey is much more satisfying than you could ever realise from the outside. However, for those who were hoping for an easy career and mountains of money, they might get a bit disappointed…

The following words of advice should help you to at least start developing the habits and skills upon which careers are built. If you’re a blogger, a lot of these tips might still already apply to you which means you’re probably a bit on the way already!


Develop Your Own Style and Voice

Most great artists, no matter what creative field they work in, begin by imitating the other artists that they admire. When you are first putting pen to paper, there is no shame in using pre-existing characters and settings. Writing fan fiction lets you focus on developing your actual writing, and later on you can add your own characters. The important thing is to find your own footing and work out where you are comfortable.

You will get far more satisfaction out of writing pieces that are distinctly your own than those which are heavily reminiscent of your favourite author.

Do What Works for You

When you start out writing, it is often tempting to look online for other author’s processes and then replicate them yourself. However, it is not an author’s process that makes them. You need to develop your own writing process, there is no right or wrong approach, whatever gets you to write well and write often is good.

Whatever your process is, make sure that it involves backing things up regularly. If you are at the end of your draft when you experience data loss, you can approach a service like Secure Data for recovery services.

Beware Other Authors Advice

And that includes this! An aspiring writer is a very fragile thing. Because there is no blueprint for becoming a writer, it is natural for writers to look to authors they like for their advice. This can be very useful, but remember, you don’t have to do what your favourite author does.

The First Draft is Just Notes

When readers are exposed to an author’s work, it is when they see the finished product in a bookstore. This can give the impression to readers that books are written this way, but they are not. Books are written and then rewritten, and then often rewritten again. It takes time to layer a story and a world up, to weave all the plot threads together. When you sit down to write your first story, just focus on getting to the end.

Once you have laid out what happens and who it happens to, that’s when the fun begins. First drafts are hard, but subsequent drafts become increasingly engaging for you as the writer as you begin to know the story and your own work better.

Kristina xx

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