Balancing A Busy Life In London

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on September 11, 2016

I’ve just had my first full week commuting to London for work. It’s been exhausting, especially with the train strike, but it’s definitely been worth it as I love my job and where I work. What’s difficult through, is finding a new balance that is going to work for me now I’m going to be spending more than 3 hours a day commuting whilst also being very busy with work. Below are a few tips and thoughts on what you can do to make it easier to balance life and work when you’re living a busy life.

WeWork Chancery Lane

The first and probably quite obvious thing is to make sure that you love what you do. If you don’t genuinely love what you do for a living, then what’s the point? If you don’t then first step for you is to find a job doing something that you really like. The pictures in this post are taken in my new office in London: WeWork at Chancery Lane. If you haven’t heard of WeWork, check out their website here. They are a co-working and office space where you can hot-desk or have your own office space alongside other startups or established companies, and their company slogan is Do What You Love. They’ve really hit the nail on the head when it comes to coming up with a concept that creates a work place and atmosphere that fosters creativity with a real community feel.

WeWork Chancery Lane

The second most important thing after working somewhere that makes you feel good is to use equipment that makes your body feel good too. It’s about the mind AND body. I’m all about using ergonomic equipment, especially after developing a repetitive strain disorder in my wrist. I use a padded mouse pad, a wrist support in front of my keyboard, and the top of my screen is at eye height. I also try and make sure I sit correctly on my chair, which is much easier if you have a really good quality office chair. And don’t forget about your desk either, it needs to be at a right height so make sure you have an adjustable one if you can. Have a look at office desks from Furniture at Work for example for some inspiration. I also try and not sit too much with my laptop in my lap as it’s not good for your wrists, posture or neck.

The next thing to think about which is really important for overall well-being is exercise. If your body is happy and strong, it is much easier to deal with a stressful life. If you also have a very stationary job, like sitting in front of a computer all day like I do, it’s even more important. Apparently office workers must exercise for an hour a day to counter death risk according to this article. If you don’t have the time to go to the gym (I really don’t at the moment), then try and fit exercise into your routine in a different way. For example, have you ever tried office yoga? Check out the infographic below for some ideas of what you can do to stay fit and healthy without even leaving your office chair!

Office Furniture experts Furniture at Work bring you Office Yoga with how to stay healthy at your desk and chair

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Check out this video as well if you want to see in action how you could do #OfficeYoga!

If you commute like I do, I would love to hear your tips on how to make the time commuting valuable some how. What do you do whilst commuting? Read? Catch up with family and friends? Watch a Ted Talk? Let me know on Twitter @ModeofStyle with the hash tag #OfficeYoga.

Lastly, but still very important, is to have fun. So cliché I know, but if you’re not having fun when you work and you work a lot, then most of your life would have been spent with frown! It goes back to loving what you do, making sure you don’t take yourself to seriously, taking care of your mental and physical health, and doing fun stuff – it will all make your work life balance much easier to handle.

WeWork Chancery Lane

Kristina xx


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