Best Way To Prepare For Your Skiing Holiday

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on March 26, 2018

Perhaps you’ve been skiing before, or you’re new to skiing, and you’ve got an upcoming skiing holiday and feel a bit rusty? I’ve got just the thing for you! It’s called Chel-Ski and it’s London’s largest indoor ski centre offering hi-tech slopes where you can learn to ski or snowboard or just top up your skills all year around.

Chel-Ski London

Is Skiing For Me?

I was invited for an evening at Chel-Ski recently together with Club Med for their campaign called #IsSkiForMe, aimed to raise awareness of their premium all-inclusive skiing holidays and to encourage people to try skiing.

I’m a snowboarder and have been since I was about 14. About 10 years ago I gave skiing a go for one holiday in the Swedish mountains, but I remember not enjoying it as much because I didn’t have anyone to teach me so I was just left to teach myself. Since then, I’ve just kept to snowboarding which I absolutely love. So when I got the invite to #IsSkiForMe for an evening of skiing instructions and some apré ski, I felt it was the perfect time to give it a go again!

Chel-Ski London

When we got there on the night we spared no time and got straight onto the “slopes”. It was a bit surreal at first – it’s like being on a massive white treadmill but in skis! We started off slow and steady, with the amazing instructors teaching us all the basics including the snow plough, whilst we were still holing on to the bar. As we got a bit more confident with the movement of the “slope”, we let go of the pole and learned how to “hover” on the slope.

Chel-Ski London

I then got a bit of help from the instructors to lean how to turn properly, including some tricks like point your right big toe towards the left corner, and keep your shoulders parallel at all times. Eventually I think I got the hang of it, even though I had a few wobbles! It was so much fun, I absolutely loved being on the dry slope. I went on it a few times with a bit of rest in between until my legs were giving up. Definitely need to hit the gym a bit more before my next trip to the alps in a couple of weeks…

Chel-Ski London

After Ski with Club Med

After all the hard work on the slopes we got treated to some after ski in the bar in true French style with tartiflette and Prosecco. I also had a chance to catch up with some of the staff from Club Med that told me a bit more about their holidays. I wasn’t familiar with Club Med before the event, as when I’ve gone to the alps in the past it’s been with a different luxury all-inclusive chalet company. Club Med is a French company and doesn’t just offer skiing holidays in the Alps, but all sorts of other premium all-inclusive holidays, including to other places in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, America, and the Indian Ocean. Check out their website here, and more on the event here.

I also had the chance to catch up with some lovely familiar and new faces in the blogger sphere, including Katy from Little Miss Katy, Erica from I’m Being Erica, Kirsty from What Kirsty Did Next, and Jasmine from Jasmine Charlotte.

Chel-Ski London

A massive thank you to Club Med, Chel-Ski, and Talented Talkers for this event, which definitely made me realise that skiing is for me, although, so is snowboarding still!

Kristina xx

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