Epson WorkForce WF-2750 Printer Review

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on September 25, 2016

There has been a lot of change recently and there is a lot of change to come. Working in London has been very different than what I thought it would be, mainly the commute, but I’m trying to keep a balanced lifestyle to make it work well (read about that here). One of the things that is grabbing a lot of my energy at the moment is being in between houses, buying and selling. The amount of phone calls, paperwork, forms, and scanning and printing I’ve been doing recently is just ridiculous. One great thing in the midst of this is that I’ve been given an Epson WorkForce WF-2750 to review which has made my life just that little bit easier!

Epson WF-2750

The Epson WF-2750 is a printer, a scanner,and a fax machine (but seriously, who uses a fax nowadays?!) It’s a great, sturdy, professional printer that can be more than enough for a small office, which means that it’s a luxury to me. It’s not the most stylish of printers (although are there any stylish printers?) but it’s actually quite small and handy for a printer that is a scanner and a fax as well. Lets go onto the setup as I know that is definitely one of my worries when buying new technology – will I be able to set it up myself?

Epson WF-2750 Epson WF-2750

To my great relief, setup was straightforward and not that time consuming. Everything you need you get with the printer: instructions, CD installation for your computer, lead for electricity, and the printer cartridges. If you want to connect the printer via lead to your computer, you have to get that yourself though. However, you don’t need it as the WiFi printing is amazing. Basically, you can put the printer anywhere in your house (or office) and print away! I think this is how printers have worked for a long time, but for me, this is quite cool. You can also set it up to do Cloud printing with Google Cloud Print which is even cooler! It means you can print whatever you need, anywhere you are if you just got access to the internet. So for example if you’ve got something on your phone you need to print for someone who is at the location of the printer you can print it out for them. Very handy indeed!

The set up of the cartridges was super easy as well. You just pop them into place and then let the printer do its thing for a couple of minutes and then that’s done. You can then print a test page to make sure it’s all set up correctly and the colours look as they should. When you need to buy more cartridges for the Epson WF-2750, you can do so from all sorts of websites selling printer ink and they start from around £12.

Epson WF-2750 Epson WF-2750

On to the quality of the print. I haven’t tried to print anything on photo paper yet, but if it’s anything close to what it’s like to print a photo onto normal paper I’m sure I’ll be very happy with it! I printed this very large photo of Lola and it came out really well: no grains, not wet and soggy, and colours were spot on. I can’t wait to get my hands on some photo paper and print some more pictures of Lola…

Epson WF-2750

Kristina xx

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