Get Your Hands On A Not So Basic Invite

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on October 13, 2016

Are you looking for some inspiration for an invitation for a special day? Look no further! I’ve got it covered for you, all you need to do is check out these images below and then visit the Basic Invite website. They do invites that are far from basic, but could be basic if you wanted them to as you can design your own. You’ve got almost unlimited colours to choose from, so when you’ve set a design you can edit any element of the card with any of the 180 different colours. Colours never turn out the way we think they will though, as they always look different on a screen compared to printed on paper. To combat that issue, Basic Invite offers you the opportunity to order a sample of your invitation before you commit to buying the 500 of them…

I’m not in a position where I’m looking to order any wedding invitations, for that to be on the cards (pardon the pun) one would have to be engaged, which I am not (yet?) Anyway, that does not mean I can’t appreciate how gorgeous these wedding invitations are. I am sure I will be seeing more wedding invitations in the post soon as I’m approaching 30, i.e. the age when all your friends get married. If you’re not looking to order any wedding invitations for yourself anytime soon, I strongly believe Christmas cards are the new thing! People have become so disconnected to what’s important in this very connected digital world we live in, and a personal Christmas card is such a simple thing one can do to show friends and family we care about then and make an effort to tell them. Get some.

Basic Invite wedding invitation Basic Invite wedding invitation

If you want to be inspired, or just look at pretty pictures, have a look at Basic Invite on Instagram. It’s eye candy. You’ll have hours of fun just scrolling through this feed. It doesn’t take a stationary geek to appreciate a good font and pretty colours. Invitations also has something special about them as they announce important milestones in our lives, which makes them a little bit magical I think.

Basic Invite

I hope I could provide a little bit of inspiration for you! I’m off to day dream about my imaginary future wedding…

Kristina xx

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