My Engagement Story

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on November 5, 2017

3 weeks ago my other half and I went for a quick visit to St Lucia in the Caribbean. He had booked the holiday a bit last minute without really consulting me. To be fair, we had been talking about potentially going somewhere before Christmas, and he was desperate to go to the Caribbean again. So one day he told me he had taken the executive decision and put us down for standby tickets (airline staff benefits…) and asked me to start looking at hotels.

The initial plan was to go to Barbados, but as the flights filled up we had to go with plan B which was to change the standby flights to St Lucia, another Caribbean island I’ve been wanting to go to for a long time. We manged to get a really good deal on a hotel right by the airport which was ideal due to the fact that we were only going for 4 days and wanted to avoid transfer times.

My other half being airline staff with amazing benefits, we got into the first class lounge at Gatwick airport and had a lovely spot of breakfast and champagne before boarding our flight. The flight had a lot of spare seats, including in upper class, which meant that we got to travel in the upper class cabin – we were so lucky!

Virgin atlantic at gatwick airport

The upper class experience with Virgin Atlantic is just fantastic. The service is amazing and you almost forget that you’re on a plane. Time flies as well (pun intended) as there’s so much entertainment on their “Vera” in-flight entertainment system, and you’re constantly being served food and drinks. This part of our trip was very much part of the actual holiday experience.

We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon, local time, so we had time for some chill time by the pool and having a spot to eat before we were nackered and wanted to go to bed at 7pm (midnight UK time!). So we decided we were going to get up early and go for a walk along the beach to watch the sunset the following morning.

Coconut Bay Hotel & Resort grounds view

We woke up at 4am (9am UK time) ready to capture the day! As it was still dark outside, we watched an episode of Narcos before getting ready for our pre-breakfast beach stroll. It was really windy that day, about 20-25 miles per hour winds so walking along the Paradise beach was a bit noisy but it was still absolutely beautiful and very warm.

We got to the closed beach bar and put our shoes down for a bit and my other half told me that this would be a perfect place to take a panorama picture on my phone. I love a good photo opportunity, as he knows, so I immidietly pulled out my phone and took this stunning picture of the beach and the sunrise:

Coconut bay paradise beach

After I finished, I turned around, and he was on one knee (eeeiik). The rest is a bit of a blur and also a bit personal for sharing here, but it eventually sank in that he had asked me to marry him and that I had said yes, and that we were actually going to get married!! I cried quite a bit.

The rest of our day was pure bliss. We called our parents, we made it official on Facebook, I didn’t stop staring at my ring for hours… It was just the most perfect day. We had so much to enjoy: the beautiful beach, a stunning hotel with gardens and pools, great Caribbean food, tropical cocktails, and each other. (Sorry was that a bit too cheesy?)

Sunset at Coconut bay resort and spa

My ring is a family ring that has been remade into a white gold ring to fit me. It comes from my dad’s side of the family and I absolutely adore it. There are 8 diamonds shaped as a flower and it’s quite “blingy” which I normally wouldn’t go for in jewellery but it has so much sentimental value to me as and I just adore it.


Wearing this lingerie set above in the image.

We came back to the UK a bit jet lagged but very very happy. We’ve been showered with love from family and friends which is lovely and humbling and I can’t wait to get married! Not sure when or where yet, just enjoying the moment. But if you do have any tips – please let me know!!

Kristina xx

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