Preparing To Go Poolside With John Lewis

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on May 3, 2018

Summer is closing in! This is the time of the year where you start getting very aware of how pasty you might look and how unprepared you are for a season of sandals (book that pedicure now!)

I popped into John Lewis the other week for a welcome reminder and help to get ready for summer from their new holiday shop section in the store on Oxford Street London – the Poolside.

Poolside  John Lewis London

To give you an idea what Poolside at John Lewis Oxford Street is all about, here’s an excerpt from a press release that should explain why you need to go check it out!

“John Lewis Oxford Street has partnered with Sunnylife to bring the Australian summer to London with a fun interactive instore installation that brings the blissful sounds, tastes and smells of summer to the heart of the city. Poolside will be open to the public from 21 April until 12 May, in The Residence on the third floor.

Poolside will feature a realistic, sensory swimming pool experience offering all the poolside vibes needed for an enviable Insta of perfect Summer Selfies! Customers will have the chance to play in the virtual pool with the Sunnylife inflatables, including everything from a millennial pink flamingo, to a giant floating pineapple, sparkly unicorns and pastel-toned ice cream cones. An array of mirrors adds the finishing touches to this tropical optical illusion of flowing water, and allows visitors to capture unique poolside selfies alone or with friends!

Sunnylife is the world’s leading summer lifestyle brand recognised for its vibrant summertime accessories from beach towels to picnic sets, but perhaps best known for its holiday-essential, giant inflatables – which are now available at John Lewis Oxford Street.”

Poolside John Lewis Oxford Street

Are you planning a visit for all things summer?

Kristina xx

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