Puppy Update – Lola 4 Months Old

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on February 10, 2016

Our little cavapoo Lola is now 4 month old. I can’t believe she’s only been in this world for such a short period of time but already she’s got her own personality, knows how to do a couple of tricks and can run off the lead (and actually come back to us when we call her!)

Lola the Cavapoo

We spent Christmas with her at both my partner’s houses, meeting lots of different people and had lots of different experiences. She took it all with stride, even meeting two new dog friends, Spice and Bella. She did bully Spice out of his own bed though as per the picture above (she can be a bit dominant…)

Lola the Cavapoo

She also had her first experience with snow and absolutely loved it! I wish we could have a bit more snow and I bet Lola feels the same. The white coating of the ground that moved when you touched it AND you could eat it, was definitely one of Lola’s favourite experiences so far.

Lola the Cavapoo

She’s also started teething! I didn’t know when to expect that to happen, but she’s now lost all of her front teeth in her lower jaw and her two tiny little front teeth in her upper jaw is very wobbly… I’m expecting big pointy teeth to be growing out soon!


Lola has also been with me to the office a few times, meeting the other office dog, the black working cocker spaniel Bella. They love playing together, although quite violently some times! A lot of shrieking and growling from the play pen can be a bit distracting at times, but they are so cute together.

She’s been really good and only had very few accidents on the floor. She loves sitting in her little bag next to me when I work and let all my colleagues shower her with love every time they walk past.

Lola the Cavapoo

Sorry about the quality of these photos as they are from my phone. There are quite a few photos of Lola on my phone as you can imagine… This selfie of me and Lola in my office is my favourite picture at the moment. I just love her little face!

Lola the Cavapoo

I’ll do another puppy update soon, until then you can follow what Lola is up to on my Instagram: @Kristina_modeofstyle.

Kristina xx

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