The benefits of a Staycation

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on August 24, 2015

So this time last year we went to Palma for a lovely little holiday. I was looking at the pictures from it and it made me want to go on holiday so bad! At the moment we’re just waiting on everything to go through with the house we’re buying so we can’t really take off on a holiday. I also have a slight issue of not having any holiday days left this year as we went for 2 weeks to Tobago in February and one week to Sweden in June… A way to get around those issues is to go on a staycation: a holiday within the UK. We’ve done that before, we went down to Cornwall a few years ago and had a lovely stay in Newquay. I wouldn’t mind doing that again as we had as much of a holiday there as we would have had anywhere else. The benefits of going on a staycation as opposed to a holiday abroad include…


Less stress

Going on a staycation is usually a less stressful way of travelling. No getting stuck on the motorway risking missing your flight, no getting lost at the airport, no remembering you forgot your adaptor, and so on. I love flying actually, but some are a bit more of nervous flyers so for them a staycation is a perfect option to get away from the stress of flying.

No packing restrictions

For me, the restrictions in packing is the one thing that I hate about going on holiday. I like the challenge of packing light so I sometimes try and only go with hand luggage for a weekend away, but the 100ml restriction in liquids is just impossible to adhere to! All the shoes I want to bring always make the bag go over weight restrictions too… If you’re going on a staycation in your car though, you can fill the car with everything you might and might not need to bring.


Quite a straight forward benefit of staycations. Of course, you can always go premium even within the UK, but it’s easier to get away cheaper on a staycation. There’s so many deals on Groupon for getaways and if you’re travelling by car, all you really need to pay for is petrol, or if you’re travelling by train or bus it’s still much cheaper than flying somewhere.

Ease of being in your mother land

This is quite an obvious one perhaps, but the fact that you’re in the same country makes a lot of things easier such as: speaking the same language, paying with the same currency (no expansive currency exchanges), no adaptors, and no nasty culture chocks. I know some people actually enjoy these things with going on holiday, but if you’re after ease of travelling a staycation would definitely suit you better.


A staycation does not need to be boring in any way though. There’s so many things to discover within the UK. Believe me, I’m not from the UK and I’m amazed of the different things the UK has to offer: from the Yorkshire moors, to the Scottish highlands, to the Cornish Riviera. I am particularly fond of the south west of the UK: the fact that there’s palm trees everywhere that even survives the winter says it all! If you’re familiar with these parts of the UK or want to learn more about them, check out this quiz from Pardean holidays as it test your knowledge on the Cornwall and Devon. (I obviously need to go again soon as I only got 8/10!)

Do you go on staycations? Do you find they have these benefits?

Kristina xx

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