The Benefits of Having a Dog in Your Life

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on July 30, 2017

I never thought I’d get a dog. I only ever had cats growing up and would always refer to myself as a cat person. I’m still a cat person to some extent, but I’d probably rather call myself an ‘animal person’ – I don’t discriminate against any furry friends!

We got Lola the cavapoo after a short deliberation of if we could/should get a dog. The opportunity of having a look at some cavapoo puppies came about by chance and the rest is history…

Lola the Cavapoo - Southbank London walk

I wanted to make sure that if were going to get a dog, that it would be like a cat: size of a cat for convenience, no barking, wants to cuddle a lot. We are SO lucky, as Lola turned out to tick all my boxes of a cat-like dog. However, she’s as much a cuddle-monster as she is a fierce dog, outrunning all the other dogs in the park by playing tag.

I never knew how much your life could change from just getting a new pet. I had A LOT of cats growing up (we lived by a big road…) and the excitement of a new pet was amazing, but soon after your life went back to normal and the feline friend would just be around without you really thinking about it. When we got Lola it was a very different scenario.

Lola the Cavapoo - Southbank London walk Lola the Cavapoo - Southbank London walk

My life has changed drastically since we got Lola, which is mainly down to Lola but also because we’ve had a lot of life changes lately, including moving down south. There was a period of time where we had to live without Lola as we were in-between selling and buying houses and living in rented accommodation. Fortunately my OH’s mum were able to take care of her.

Since we’ve settled in down south in our house, and Lola did as well, the quality of our lives has improved significantly. I believe Lola is a big part of that.

Lola the Cavapoo - Southbank London walk

We bought a house just by a large park which is perfect for dog walks and letting Lola off the lead to play with other dogs in the neighborhood. This means that my OH and I are spending a lot of time walking, hanging out in the beautiful park, and spending quality time with each other away from computer/phone screens.

The biggest change, and the best change, is that I’m able to take Lola to work with me and do so on a regular basis. The commute into London isn’t great, but with Lola in my lap, it’s a hundred times better.

Lola the Cavapoo - Southbank London walk

When I’ve got Lola in the office with me, she forces me to take breaks from work to either play with her for a bit or go outside for a visit to a spot of grass. My work balance and efficiency is much better when I’ve got Lola with me in the office. It definitely helps with making new friends in our shared office space at WeWork as well!

Lola the Cavapoo - Southbank London walk

What I never realised before getting a dog, was how the companionship with your dog could be so strong and benefit your life in so many ways. I feel very lucky that I have Lola in my life, and I couldn’t imagine not having her by my side forever.

Kristina xx

Images by Qtiwa, shot at Southbank London.

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