Treat Your Pup & Yourself To A Designer Dog Bed

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Lifestyle on January 31, 2018

I take Lola with me to work a few days a week. Every morning she’ll meticulously study my every move for a sign I might be taking her to work that day. I love the suspension and the look on her face when I finally announce that she’ll be coming with me to work.

Lola the cavapoo on designer dog mattress

She’s used to the routine now. We walk through the park on our way to the train station and she does her bits. When we get to the platform at the train station she waits next to me as I unpack her blanket from my backpack. When I bend down to pick her up she always tries to help by jumping up into my arms. We then wait for the train to arrive and we get on, sit down, and she curls up on her blanket in my lap and goes to sleep.

It’s a short walk from the train station to the office so Lola takes the opportunity on any patch of grass we pass. The anticipation builds as we get closer to the office. Lola knows that the office kitchen holds all sorts of delicious crumbs and people ready to coo over her. As she’s a very sassy lady, she doesn’t’ let them touch her though as she’s always on a mission to find other goodies on the floor.

As we get into the office the excitement peaks, partly from seeing her human colleagues, partly from the knowledge that denta stick time is imminent. She sits politely (although impatiently wagging her tail so much her bum moves all over the floor), I give her the denta stick and she’s off in a flash onto her dog bed for the whole 30 seconds it takes for her to devour it.

Lola the cavapoo on designer dog mattress

The rest of Lola’s day in the office consists of being the Chief Staff Motivator, sleeping in meeting rooms, cleaning the floor from any crumbs, and sleeping on her designer dog bed from Raised By Humans. As the title of this post suggests, Lola’s new designer dog bed is a luxury not just for her, but just as much for me as well.

I used to have a grey and beige dog bed for her in the office, but it was extremely uninspiring. Our office is in a shared office space in a WeWork, so her old tatty bed was always on show for everyone in the building to see. It didn’t give off a very good impression. Our new dog mattress is perfect for the office, as not only is it great quality for Lola, but it’s a gorgeous addition to the office environment.

Lola the cavapoo on designer dog mattress

Lola is by no means the most spoiled dog I know, I don’t even dress her up in clothes! But when it comes to things as simple as comfort and style, I am all for it. I can very highly recommend the Raised By Humans dog mattress if you’ve got a pooch of your own – comfort and style has never worked together  this well before.

And if you’re looking for some human options, has some helpful brand reviews.

Kristina xx

Post written in collaboration with Raised By Humans.

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