24 hours in Amsterdam

By Kristina Bergwall

Posted in Travel on May 17, 2015

A week ago I went to Amsterdam for 24 hours. I went with my partner for the main reason to go to a concert on the Sunday evening, but also just to have a nice little break away from reality. The concert, or rather gig, was at the North Sea Jazz Club in the north west part of the city so we found a cute little hotel not too far from it close to the Jordaan area which is a lovely bohemian part of the city. The gig was the famous drummer Dave Weckl and his 4 piece band. They were absolutely amazing! I love jazz and they also incorporated some samba and salsa rhythms which is probably my favourite type of music as it makes me bounce even when sitting down.

Explore Amsterdam

We didn’t have time to do much else on the Sunday apart form getting to the hotel and leaving to go to the gig. We had an amazing pizza just before it at the bar and pizzeria that is in the same building as the North Sea Jazz Club. After the gig we strolled back to the hotel along the canals and we were lucky as we had a bit of a heat wave last week so it wasn’t too cold at all. It was so beautiful as well as spring/summer is just at its best right now I think; very colourful and fresh.

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The next morning we prepared for a day of a lot of walking and seeing as much as possible of the city before getting to the airport. We’ve been to Amsterdam a few times before so we’ve seen all the bits that you should already, with an exception from the Anne Frank museum though. We went past it this time and as we couldn’t see the end of the queue¬†around the block we decided against it.

24 hours in Amsterdam

Some of my favourite things to do in Amsterdam include

– Taking the canal boat and exploring Amsterdam on the beautiful canals.

– Taking the tram. Yes, and not just because your feet will blister from all the walking, but because it’s part of exploring the city like a local!

– Going to the Van Gough museum. If you can take standing in the queue for a while it’s well worth it.

– Hanging out in a park. This one only really works when the weather is nice and when it is, it’s really nice. Bring some snacks and chill out with the other tourists and locals.

– Going to the Heineken experience. I don’t even like beer but I remember really liking the tour as it’s really interactive and the end bit where you get to have some of it is really cool.

– Going to a coffee shop. You can have a coffee or a soft drink or whatever you like in there, but it’s part of the culture and the Amsterdam experience to experience a coffee shop.

Apart from all these things you can do, my absolute favourite thing to do in Amsterdam is to just walk around and admire¬†the beautiful architecture and canals. That’s what we did most on the day as well as hanging out in one of the parks in the sunshine (yes, of course I managed to burn…)

Explore Amsterdam 24 hours in Amsterdam 24 hours in Amsterdam

24 hours in Amsterdam 24 hours in Amsterdam

It’s really not a very difficult trip to make if you live in Leeds. We flew with Jet2 from Leeds Bradford Airport and the flight time is just over 50 minutes. Compare that with taking a trip to London from Yorkshire and you might decide to just go to Amsterdam instead!

But then it was unfortunately time to go home. I had a lovely 24 hours in Amsterdam, and will be coming back soon again I’m sure. When it’s only a short trip away, all you need to do is find a sunny weekend to go and just go.

24 hours in AmsterdamKristina xx

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  • Matt Saunders

    coffee shop ;-)

    I also went to the Heineken experience and it was fantastic, so much better than the Guiness museum in Dublin. I wanna go back!

    • http://modeofstyle.com/ Kristina

      Of course coffee shop :)
      Never went to the Guiness one even though I lived in Dublin for months, I guess I didn’t miss out then!